The future of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes is confirmed by Toto Wolff, according to David Coulthard.

The future of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes is confirmed by Toto Wolff, according to David Coulthard.

Having finally signed a new contract with Mercedes, seven-time world champion Hamilton will remain with the team and in Formula 1 at least through the 2025 campaign.

The explanation put forth by David Coulthard as to why it took Lewis Hamilton so long to sign his new Mercedes contract seems to have been supported by Toto Wolff.

The Brit’s declaration that he wanted to continue competing in Formula 1 was made almost a year ago.
Additionally, Wolff made it clear that he wanted to bind Hamilton down, making an extension seem like a formality.

It did, however, take a lot longer than anticipated. The seven-time world champion will remain until the conclusion of the 2025 season, according to the new agreement, which was finally made public on the eve of the Italian Grand Prix weekend.

Wolff had claimed that the contract’s duration and salary had already been agreed upon months earlier. That sparked speculation as to what might be exactly holding things up.

What was taking place in the background has now been revealed by Wolff.
“In June and July, Lewis and I were on the same page regarding the key terms,” he claimed.
“Everything was merely dribbling along.
slowly gurgling forward.
Summer vacation followed that. In the end, it was primarily about marketing and not really the important pertinent issues.
It took some time to complete that.

Former Formula One driver Coulthard’s suspicions appear to have been validated by Wolff’s explanation. He had previously predicted that the Brit would focus heavily on Hamilton’s interaction with sponsors and the media.

Mercedes will require Lewis to give their partners a specific amount of time, he said.
On the basis of access to their drivers, Mercedes will have sold sponsorship.
Due to Lewis’ presence at the Silver Arrows rather than George Russell’s, some companies may have enrolled.

“What Lewis will be signing up for goes way beyond him driving at a Grand Prix; perhaps he might be wanting to do fewer days or have fewer commitments.

It concerns the rights he retains in relation to his reputation and the rights he transfers to the team.
More than just Lewis’ driving services are purchased by Mercedes. They are purchasing both his PR and promotional images.

In case the 38-year-old was thinking about quitting racing, Coulthard had also sent Hamilton a warning. The Scot reminded his fellow Brit that any racer is long past retirement, despite the fact that an entire F1 season can be exhausting.

Lewis has had a remarkable life with his accomplishments on the track and his exposure off it, the speaker continued. He has a very healthy perspective on what it’s like to be Lewis Hamilton, both as the Formula 1 driver who travels to different nations and as a unique person with a distinctive personality.

But none of those personality-driven events he attends will ever provide him with the same rush of adrenaline that he experiences while driving a Formula 1 car.
He will never experience that feeling from very many things in life, so when the time comes for him to retire, he must be sure he is prepared to stop.


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