While the head of Mercedes concurs, George Russell questions Lewis Hamilton’s F1 dream.

While the head of Mercedes concurs, George Russell questions Lewis Hamilton’s F1 dream.

Hamilton has signed a new contract keeping him in the sport and with his Mercedes team until 2025, where he hopes to set a record-breaking eighth F1 world championship.

It will be “impossible” to predict with certainty whether George Russell’s Mercedes team will compete against Red Bull in the upcoming seasons, he acknowledges.

The Formula 1 world is ruled by Red Bull.
The Milton Keynes-based team has won every race so far this season and is likely on track to make history by becoming the first group to go undefeated throughout an entire season.

And the main reason for their remarkable success has been their star driver, Max Verstappen.
His competitors at other teams can only look on in envy as he has won all but two Grands Prix this season and is on a remarkable 10-race winning streak.

That includes the employees at Mercedes, who are themselves accustomed to success but are going through a tough time.
In the previous two years, the Silver Arrows have only been victorious once, with Lewis Hamilton losing to Russell in Brazil in the previous campaign.

Both drivers have signed contract extensions, keeping them with Mercedes at least through the end of the 2025 season.
And they will have the same aspiration that they will be able to compete head-to-head with Red Bull in at least one of those two upcoming campaigns.

Russell acknowledges that there is no assurance that it will occur, though.
Nobody could have predicted the increase in value that Aston Martin experienced over the winter, the British journalist said, adding that making a projection was impossible.

“After their first five races, nobody would have predicted that McLaren would be the second or third fastest car, so what’s most crucial is that we keep examining our performance to see where we can make improvements.
The Aerodynamic Testing Restriction, in my opinion, makes it unsurprising to see a team like Williams advance their research and development by spending more time in the wind tunnel.

The objective is to compete for world championships the following year, taking into account all of these factors as well as our team’s inherent talent.
But since we don’t know what the other parties are capable of, we won’t stand here with our hands clasped and declare: “That’s what we’re going to be able to achieve.”.

The team’s trackside engineering director concurs with this circumspect stance.
As Andrew Shovlin recently stated: “It’s encouraging [to see the improvements of other teams] because we know that the engine is obviously doing a good job in those cars.

“Our team is making a lot of effort to advance.
I thought the move McLaren made was quite impressive.
They have made a lot of changes to their car, as is evident.
To catch up to Red Bull, however, is something we must do.
They appear to have found a half second, but we’re still working on the car, so I’m not sure if we could.
That would be an impossible goal.


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