In the Mercedes test, Schumacher COMPARES TO Hamilton and Russell.

In the Mercedes test, Schumacher COMPARES TO Hamilton and Russell.

In a “Guess the F1 driver” challenge put forth by Mercedes, Mick Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell all performed admirably.

On their social media channels, the German team shared a video of its three drivers completing this entertaining and difficult test.
The task required making educated guesses about the driver based on the teams they had played for throughout their careers.

They participated in the challenge alongside active drivers like Daniel Ricciardo, Alex Albon, and Valtteri Bottas as well as retired and legendary drivers like Mika Hakkinen, Nigel Mansell, and Jenson Button.
While all three of them correctly identified Niki Lauda, the remaining questions proved to be more challenging.

Russell, Schumacher, and Ricciardo were all able to correctly predict Sebastian Vettel, but only Russell guessed Ricciardo.
Additionally, Albon, Mansell, and Button were correctly named by the British driver.

Schumacher and Hamilton also correctly identified Michael Schumacher, Hamilton, and Senna.
Schumacher guessed Esteban Ocon, while Hamilton also correctly identified Hakkinen and Bottas.

In the end, all three drivers tied with six accurate responses each, so there was no winner.
Although they all had difficulties answering some of the questions, they all showed strong knowledge of Formula 1.

Mercedes is prepared to firmly establish their second-place finish in the constructors’ championship.

Mercedes has 273 points, which is far behind Red Bull’s 583 points with eight races remaining in the constructors’ championship. The “Silver Arrows” are ahead of Ferrari and Aston Martin by 45 and 56 points, respectively.

The German team is upbeat about the championship’s penultimate round, which will feature several high downforce circuits like Singapore that are favorable to their car but may not favor Ferrari as much.
Although they will need to keep an eye on the improvements made by both the Italian and Aston Martin teams, Mercedes hopes to maintain their second-place standing.

Hamilton, on the other hand, is competing with Fernando Alonso for third place in the standings, trailing the Spanish driver by just six points.
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are only two and eight points ahead of Russell, who is currently seventh in the standings. These two fights for third and fifth place are shaping up to be very exciting and hotly contested, with any of them having a chance to win.


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