With a dig at Lewis Hamilton for being a “six-time world champion,” Max Verstappen embarrasses Toto Wolff.

With a dig at Lewis Hamilton for being a “six-time world champion,” Max Verstappen embarrasses Toto Wolff.

After Toto Wolff made remarks following his record-breaking victory at the Italian Grand Prix, reigning world champion Max Verstappen took a shot at both him and Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton has only won the world championship six times, according to Max Verstappen, who also made a subtle jab at Toto Wolff.

After making it ten victories in a row during the Italian Grand Prix, the Dutchman appears poised to add another Championship to his resume.
Wolff, the head of Mercedes, criticized him after his most recent victory at Monza, saying that his new Formula One record wasn’t important.

I don’t know if he cares about the records, he said.
Those numbers wouldn’t matter to me because they are for Wikipedia, which no one reads anyhow.

Now he has responded with some of his own harsh words directed at both Wolff and Hamilton.
He admitted that he wasn’t entirely certain how many pieces of silverware his fierce rival had won when speaking shortly after his victory on home soil.

Verstappen remarked, “With Lewis, I’m not sure, but I mean for someone who has won six world championships, you must know,” to which the reporter corrected him by pointing out that Hamilton has won seven championships overall.

The 25-year-old responded with a sly “Are you sure it’s seven, not six?
” that seemed to be an allusion to Felipe Massa’s futile attempts to overtake Hamilton as the 2008 world champion.

Verstappen continued to tell the journalist to “look it up” because it is “in the history books,” as the conversation between them went on.
Verstappen is currently the F1 leader. Verstappen then directed his final remark at Wolff.
He continued, “I mean, I’m not really sure, you know.
I don’t read the Wikipedia.

Verstappen is not the only person to respond to Wolff’s assertions regarding the Dutchman’s recently discovered record.
Martin Brundle also responded, and his evaluation was noticeably displeased.

“It’s truly amazing,” he wrote, “that Max Verstappen has won 10 straight races and that Red Bull has won every race this season so far.

What an accomplishment it was to flawlessly maintain that level of performance and dependability against formidable opposition on numerous different track configurations and in varying weather conditions.
To each and every one of them, congratulations.

“If a tennis player, football player, or rugby team, for instance, were so completely complete and unbeatable, they would be rightfully praised at the highest level worldwide.
This pairing should be similar.

“Sport can and should have a tribal element, but you must also respect others’ levels of excellence.
Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton deservedly received the respect and admiration they deserved during their years of total dominance from 2014 to 2020, so I was a little surprised and disappointed to hear them downplay this accomplishment over the weekend.


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