New York Jets’ head coach gives Aaron Rodgers’ injury update.

New York Jets’ head coach gives Aaron Rodgers’ injury update.

After taking a brutal sack on the New York Jets’ opening drive, Aaron Rodgers hobbled off and needed an X-ray.
He was unable to play against the Buffalo Bills.

Aaron Rodgers’ injury has been described by New York Jets coach Robert Saleh as “not good,” which is concerning news.

In a thrilling overtime victory over the Buffalo Bills, the hosts claimed their first-ever NFL victory, 22-16.
However, the injury to Rodgers just two minutes into the game spoiled their victory.

As Rodgers was leading the Jets’ first drive, his offensive line had three times put him under pressure. A throw for a first down of 26 yards was encouraging, but things quickly turned bad.

Leonard Floyd ruthlessly sacked the vulnerable quarterback, who remained down on the ground.
Before Rodgers was seen limping off and being replaced by Zach Wilson, the medical team helped him.

In order to confirm that Rodgers had sustained an ankle injury, his left foot was put into a boot, and it was decided that he would be sent for an X-ray.
He was out for the rest of the game despite the Jets reporting that the results were negative.

For the Jets, it is a major setback given how optimistically the 39-year-old quarterback entered the season this summer.
With Rodgers in charge, the Jets had hopes of contending for a Championship as an NFL veteran and Super Bowl champion. This might not be the case right now.

Saleh provided a bleak and direct update following an exciting victory. He declared, “It’s not good.”. The Jets are currently anxiously awaiting an MRI scan, the outcome of which they anticipate to be an Achilles tear. Rodgers will be out for the season if this happens.
I’m going to pray and hold out hope,” he continued.

Saleh responded, “Yeah, he’ll be the guy,” when asked if Wilson would replace Rodgers for the remainder of the campaign.

Wilson put on a shaky performance, buckling under the weight of the Jets’ porous offensive line, which was frequently penetrated.
He was fired himself, frequently got into trouble, and was forced to pass the ball to the sidelines.

The 24-year-old will feel more optimistic after throwing a three-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson who caught it with an inch of accuracy.
At halftime, Wilson claimed he spoke to Rodgers briefly, gave him a hug, and told him he loved him.

I love him so much,” the quarterback gushed.
“I feel for him.
What took place is a mystery to me.
He briefly appeared to me at halftime, but you know, he’ll find a way to keep working to return.
It’s difficult, and it harms our team.

“As a quarterback, it’s my responsibility to step up and run that offense as effectively as I can. Week 1, opening day.
Lots of feelings, yes.

“There are a lot of emotions going on because I’m trying to learn as much as I can from this guy while also making sure I’m prepared to leave.
You must be able to maintain your composure while putting forth your best effort.


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