Why the New York Jets offensive lineman did not block the Buffalo Bills defender who sacked and hurt Aaron Rodgers.

Why the New York Jets offensive lineman did not block the Buffalo Bills defender who sacked and hurt Aaron Rodgers.

After just two minutes, Aaron Rodgers’ NFL season was over with the discovery that he may have torn his Achilles tendon while being sacked by Buffalo Bills pass rusher Leonard Floyd.

Despite being one of the league’s top left tackles for the past 15 years, Duane Brown of the New York Jets made a crucial error last night that could endanger Aaron Rodgers’ season with a torn Achilles.

Brown attempted to rush pass-rusher Leonard Floyd of the Buffalo Bills in a quick passing play to knock him off his feet, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers quickly threw the ball in that direction.

The pass would have been in danger of being tipped or intercepted if Brown had executed a routine block seen on common passing plays.

On the play, the offensive line moved to the right, putting Brown and Floyd in a one-on-one pass-rushing situation.
Brown then tried to use the cut block to bring Floyd down.
He performed poorly, as Floyd managed to get around the edge and reach Rodgers.

The seasoned quarterback tried to roll to his left to escape the pressure while making his debut for the Jets in front of their home crowd, but Floyd caught him and brought him to the ground.

After falling to the ground and eventually needing to be carried off the field, Rodgers was able to stand up but had been limping in pain the entire time.

Despite the fact that an x-ray revealed no damage, head coach Robert Saleh told reporters after the game that the player may have suffered a suspected torn Achilles, which will keep him out for the remainder of the year if confirmed by a scan on Tuesday.

After the game, Saleh commented on the play where the injury occurred, saying: “That was kind of an off schedule play.
The timing and rhythm of the play allowed the play to continue.
The quarterback is faultless at that point.

Duane cannot look at that and claim that it is his fault.
You struggle against him until the very end, but his extension is unusual.
It’s just a really bad play.

As Rodgers walked off the field, his left foot was put into a boot, and he appeared defeated.

Rodgers was scheduled for surgery and had his career on the line after a trade from Green Bay to the Jets that had seemed to re-energize him following his offseason decision to play on rather than retire.
Typically, an Achilles tendon tear requires nine months to recover before returning to the field.

As Floyd made a strong play to beat Brown and sack the quarterback, Saleh told the assembled media that it was intended to be a quick play with Rodgers looking to complete a pass after receiving the snap.

Despite losing their star player, the Jets still managed to defeat the Buffalo Bills 22-16 in the thrilling overtime period, with rookie Xavier Gipson scoring the game-winning touchdown on a punt return.


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