Following the nightmare injury of Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets target five quarterbacks.

Following the nightmare injury of Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets target five quarterbacks.

The New York Jets organization has a good selection of options to replace injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers through free agency or trades.
He was injured in Week 1 of the NFL season.

When quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending ankle injury in Week 1, the New York Jets’ intense Super Bowl hopes were cut short after four plays.

The team has a number of quarterback options as they decide on their next move.
They have three options for the top passer: they can stick with Zach Wilson, as coach Robert Saleh made clear on Tuesday, add a seasoned opponent through free agency, or snag a QB who needs more playing time.

However, the Jets do have an offensively talented roster, and if they can land the right quarterback, they may be able to contend for the Super Bowl.
Wilson completed 14 of 21 passes in his first game of the year against the Buffalo Bills, throwing for 140 yards and one touchdown.
He did manage to make one very important interception, though.

Here are five quarterbacks the Jets might take into account as they manage the remaining portion of their NFL season, taking into account all of their options.

A Carson Wentz.

Wentz’s performance with the Washington Commanders the previous season left a lot to be desired, which ultimately resulted in his release prior to free agency.
Although he only played in eight games, he threw 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions.
In addition, he recorded a career-low 1,755 passing yards and lost 159 yards as a result of being sacked 26 times.

Wentz’s seven seasons in the NFL hold potential value for a team like the Jets, who are currently in need of a quarterback, despite his difficult year. Throughout his career, he has proven his ability to plan 11 fourth-quarter comebacks and 12 game-winning drives.

The quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill was regarded as one of the Jets’ top options to lead Wilson as a backup quarterback if they never acquired Rodgers.
With 16 of 34 completions for 198 yards, no touchdowns, and three interceptions, Tannehill had a difficult performance in Week 1.
Tannehill is 35 years old, and trading him would save the Titans an estimated $27 million (£21.6 million), per Over the Cap.

The Tennessee Titans may want to consider trading Tannehill to the New York Jets if they have faith in young quarterbacks like Malik Willis or Will Levis.
This would fit with their long-term goals and financial considerations.
Up until Rodgers’ return, the seasoned pro would be able to control the clock and keep the Jets afloat.

Speaking with Scott Milanovich, a former quarterbacks coach for the Indianapolis Colts, is Matt Ryan.

A Matt Ryan.

Ryan tweeted that his time with the Indianapolis Colts had come to an end after his one-year contract had expired.
But he kept himself in shape in case another NFL team called.

Ryan made a suggestion that he wanted to continue playing elsewhere and somewhat bluntly described his challenging 18-month stint with the Colts as “A s***show of 18 months.”.

Due to Rodgers’ absence, Ryan can start right away for a strong NFL team.
In addition, Wilson would gain access to yet another experienced veteran.

Kyle Trey.

Wilson and Trey Lance were chosen in rounds two and three, respectively, of the 2021 NFL Draft.
Both of these young quarterbacks have not yet reached their full potential; Wilson has been benched numerous times, and Lance has already switched teams after the San Francisco 49ers dealt him to the Dallas Cowboys in the preseason.

Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ starting quarterback, was not pleased with the trade that brought Lance to the team from the 49ers in exchange for a fourth-round pick, which led to tension in the locker room.
Given the circumstances, there is speculation that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may think about making a beneficial trade in which he would send Lance and the team’s fourth-round pick to the New York Jets in exchange for a third-round pick, or even a combination of a third and a fourth or fifth-round pick.

The Jets might gain from signing Lance as their quarterback because he would be less expensive than other seasoned free agent options. Lance and Wilson, however, both lack the same level of leadership experience.

The former 49ers quarterback’s mobility could give offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett new options and aid in the maturation of the young quarterback.
Wilson and Lance might be motivated to improve their skills by a competitive dynamic he could foster.

Winston, Jameis.

Winston was a cherished team captain, but he might need to look elsewhere to fulfill his desire to start games. Taysom Hill is a seasoned utility player who can also play the position, but Derek Carr is clearly the Saints’ starter for the foreseeable future. Winston was demoralized by being benched last season, so the Saints may think about helping him get a starting job somewhere else.

Winston has a big-arm talent that could complement a strong supporting cast like the Jets’ offer, despite his 29-year-old injury issues.
He has thrown eight interceptions and eight touchdowns over the last two seasons.
He threw for 5,109 yards and 33 touchdowns in 2019, but he also racked up 30 picks.

Winston might be the most desirable option among the Jets quarterback options, and he wouldn’t cost a lot to acquire.
If Aaron Rodger’s tenure in the league ends earlier than anticipated, the 29-year-old is still young enough to be a reliable transition quarterback.


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