Wolff asserts that Hamilton’s loss of the 2021 championship was caused by a “TARGETED” F1 rule change.

Wolff asserts that Hamilton’s loss of the 2021 championship was caused by a “TARGETED” F1 rule change.

Lewis Hamilton, according to Toto Wolff, lost the drivers’ title in the 2021 season as a result of a change in F1 rules that specifically targeted the Silver Arrows.

Lewis Hamilton finished the 2020 season with 347 points, 124 points ahead of teammate Valtteri Bottas, to tie Michael Schumacher’s record for the most world championships.
The Silver Arrows had an outstanding season in which they outperformed the opposition.

In a statement to Sky Sports, Wolff asserted that F1 changed the rules to aid their competitors in closing the distance.

The Austrian CEO remarked, “2020 had been a super dominant year for us.

“I believe it was the best vehicle we have ever owned.
The rules were then altered toward the end of the season by cutting the floor, which was done to stop us.

Wolff believes that wider F1 regulation changes were made in order to stop them, even though the perennially contentious 2021 finale in Abu Dhabi remains a major factor in Mercedes losing the drivers’ championship.

For a variety of factors, he claimed, “We lost the 2021 drivers’ championship.”.

The first race was the last one.
However, those regulations were put in place to lessen the advantage we had, so we also lost that.

Wolff: The goal of the pecking order reset was to target Mercedes.

Wolff thinks that regulatory changes were essential in resetting the competitive landscape because Red Bull presented a formidable challenge to Mercedes throughout the 2021 season.

We were less competitive than Red Bull was in 2021, as we saw in the results, he claimed.

But at Silverstone, we were able to maximize the car’s potential and reclaim the championship.

“These rules were designed to reshuffle the deck.


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