Despite an explanation, Micah Parsons criticizes Daniel Jones’ choice for the New York Giants.

Despite an explanation, Micah Parsons criticizes Daniel Jones’ choice for the New York Giants.

After the New York Giants’ shocking 40-0 home loss at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons criticized the coaching staff.

NFL star linebacker Micah Parsons thinks the New York Giants should have benched quarterback Daniel Jones during their 40-0 thrashing at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Edge with Micah Parsons, Parsons’ Apple podcast, recently featured a reflection from him on his team’s victory over the Giants in the first week of play. The two-time Pro Bowl linebacker dives into the biggest NFL headlines in the videocast while giving the football audience hot takes and divisive opinions.

The phrase “protecting your guy” is used.
‘That is something I think the Giants should have done,’ yelled Parsons in reference to Jones.
“Daniel Jones shouldn’t have been playing in that game in the fourth quarter, in my opinion.

“I believed that they ought to have rescued him while also protecting him.
Without Daniel Jones, their season would be over barring injury.
By removing Joe Burrow, the Bengals made the right choice.

Parsons made a suggestion that in lopsided games, teams should concede defeat and move on.
In his opinion, they ought to have concentrated on the coming week and given the Giants QB more time to recover rather than allowing Jones to continue playing.

Brian Daboll, the head coach of the Giants, was questioned about his tactics for keeping Jones in the game after the game.
Despite failing to score a single point and Jones only completing 104 of his passes while throwing two interceptions, he claimed that he was still attempting to get Jones back into his usual rhythm.

Daboll told reporters after the game, “I was going to let him see it through there, just until that last series.”.
“Trying to start a good thing.
Little was happening at the time.
The only thing I wanted to do was try to get a strong drive and try to kick the ball into the end zone.
But it didn’t go that way.

Jones had a poor passer rating at the end of the contest—32 points, second-worst in the league, just ahead of Ryan Tannehill of the Tennessee Titans, who had a 28-point passer rating.
In his team’s 16-15 season-opening loss to the Saints, Tannehill threw for 198 yards, zero touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Seven times in all, the Giants quarterback was sacked during the contest. Parsons only succeeded in getting one sack, while Jones was sacked twice each by defensive tackle Osa Odighizuwa and defensive end Dorance Armstrong.
DeMarcus Lawrence, a seasoned DE, and Chauncey Golston completed the list, putting Jones under a lot of pressure the entire game.

Jones performed poorly, but the Giants’ defense did not offer much assistance. The team suffered a devastating 40-point loss, which made it the most significant NFL opening-day loss since 1999.
The team lacked focus; they committed six penalties, lost a total of 72 yards due to their six turnovers, and three other penalties.

The Arizona Cardinals, who also have a 0-1 record, will be the Giants’ opponent in Week 2, and they’ll be hoping to turn things around. Sept.
1 is the date of the game. 17 at 4:04 p.
At State Farm Stadium, it is ET.


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