Hamilton criticizes Marko for Perez’s remarks and queries Red Bull.

Hamilton criticizes Marko for Perez’s remarks and queries Red Bull.

Hamilton responds to Marko’s comments.

Hamilton said to Sky Sports F1, “It is totally unacceptable what he said, and while we say there is no room for any kind of discrimination within the sport, having leaders and people in his position make those comments is not good for us moving forward.”.

“It still shows how much work needs to be done, and many people are working behind the scenes to stop this kind of thing.

“However, when these mindsets are present at the top, it makes it difficult to maneuver and prevents us from moving forward. I am not shocked.

“I’m not sure what was said; you’ll have to ask Checo; but I feel like there needs to be more than just an apology and an assurance that everything is fine.

“There needs to be more than that.
When teams have had individuals, particularly drivers, make comments, they typically remove them or at the very least release a quote stating that they do not support that sort of thing.

However, it is not my team, so it is interesting that they didn’t do so for this one.
The way we move as a team is not like that.

It demonstrates the value of the work I am putting into the team and the sport.
To make sure that this is a more inclusive environment, we still have a lot of work to do.

Marko’s remarks were also addressed by World Champion Verstappen, who believes that Marko’s apology has resolved the situation.


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