As the FIA issue a written warning, pressure grows on Marko.

As the FIA issue a written warning, pressure grows on Marko.

As the FIA steps in regarding his contentious comments about Sergio Perez, Dr. Helmut Marko is dealt yet another setback.

Because of his criticisms of Sergio Perez’s performances, Marko has drawn criticism.
He claimed that being South American results in a lack of focus in an interview for Red Bull’s Servus TV channel.
This is false in more ways than one because Perez is clearly of North American descent despite having Mexican ancestry.

Marko stated that Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel were more focused than Perez was: “We know that he has problems in qualifying, he has fluctuations in form.”.
He’s from South America, but he doesn’t have the same level of mental clarity as Sebastian Vettel or Max Verstappen.

Red Bull’s advisor has since apologized, but Marko and the team are still affected by the incident.
The FIA has now intervened and sent a written warning.

a reprimand from the governing body.

The FIA stated in a statement that the warning served as a reminder of Marko’s “responsibilities as a public figure” in international motorsport.
This was confirmed by motorsport .

We can attest to the fact that Helmut Marko was issued a written warning and reminded of his obligations under the FIA Code of Ethics as a public figure in the sport.

Regarding the incident, Red Bull remained silent and made no statement.
Christian Horner, the team’s CEO and team principal, clarified the team’s stance on Friday following Singapore Grand Prix practice. Marko is “not an employee of Red Bull Racing,” he first said in his interview with Sky Sports.

Horner acknowledged that he disagreed with the remarks and claimed that Perez received a personal apology from Marko: “First of all, those remarks weren’t appropriate.
Having realized this right away, Helmut expressed his regret to Sergio in public and privately.

“He addressed Sergio directly about it, and I believe that even at the age of 80, lessons have unavoidably been learned in life.

He’s not a Red Bull Racing employee, so as to the question of why we didn’t issue a statement, he is a member of the Red Bull larger group, and the Group issued that apology through the Servus TV channel.

Later, Perez made a suggestion that if Red Bull becomes hostile, he might leave. He said that he knows Marko “regrets” what he said and added that he was not offended: “We’ve talked about it, I know he regrets what he said.
Personally, I was not at all offended.
If those remarks had been made from another angle, for example, I might have had to interpret them in a different way.

“However, I didn’t take it personally because to me, it’s just the way things are.

“I think we all make mistakes.
I have no control over what happens later, including what appears in the media or in front of the public.

Wolff enters.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes Team Principal, slammed the remarks.
We’re laughing about South America, he said, adding that comments like that have no place in Formula 1. But the subject is not at all humorous.
Not only what has been said, but also the mindset that allows you to even think of these ideas, is the problem. That has no place in Formula 1.

“That shouldn’t have been said in the past, and it certainly shouldn’t be said now or in the future.

“We all agree that F1 needs to be more diverse and inclusive, and the teams work hard to foster an environment where this is possible.

Evidently, remarks like this don’t give Formula One the credit it merits for all of its endeavors.


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