Toto Wolff has new legal hope regarding Lewis Hamilton’s title agony.

Toto Wolff has new legal hope regarding Lewis Hamilton’s title agony.

Max Verstappen’s contentious victory over Lewis Hamilton for the 2021 championship may still be subject to challenge, according to Toto Wolff.

After Felipe Massa filed a lawsuit over the 2008 world championship, which he claims was stolen from him in the infamous “Crashgate” scandal at the first Singapore Grand Prix 15 years ago, that possibility has gained more attention.

Since it has long been proven that Renault ordered Nelsinho Piquet to crash in order to bring out the safety car and alter the course of the race so that teammate Fernando Alonso could win, Massa’s London-based attorneys believe the final score should be thrown out.

More specifically, they make reference to what appears to be fresh proof that F1 executives and the governing FIA were aware of the scheme but decided not to take any action until the following year.

It’s fascinating to watch,’ said Wolff.
Since the F1 rules are fairly clear, nobody anticipated it.

However, whatever it is, it will set a precedent, and we are watching from the sidelines with interest.
The 2021 F1 Grand Prix would be affected if Massa wins his day in court in London, a long shot.

Verstappen took advantage of the opportunity to pass Hamilton on the final lap because race director Michael Masi flouted the safety-car regulations.

Later, the FIA acknowledged that “human error” was to blame, but it was too late to change the outcome.

Carlos Sainz commanded the two Ferraris at the front yesterday on the track.
For Mercedes, George Russell finished third, Fernando Alonso finished fourth, and Lewis Hamilton finished fifth.
Verstappen, who was seven tenths off the lead, said, “Ferrari are fast and we are way worse than we expected.”.


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