Max Verstappen demands Red Bull following the shocking events in Singapore and the outraged response.

Max Verstappen demands Red Bull following the shocking events in Singapore and the outraged response.

Verstappen acknowledged after the qualifying session that he “for sure” isn’t in the running for the Singapore Grand Prix victory.
Verstappen didn’t even place in the top 10 in the session.

After a disastrous qualifying session in Singapore, Max Verstappen declared his Formula One winning streak would end.

The Dutchman finished only 11th fastest on Saturday, which means he will, at most, start on the sixth row of the grid.
Verstappen is being investigated for obstructing Yuki Tsunoda during the practice session, which could result in a grid penalty for Red Bull.

Verstappen was irate, but it was actually his car’s performance that set him off. The Dutchman struggled with traction and slid all over the track whenever he attempted to complete a flying lap in the RB19s because they were slow throughout practice and carried over into qualifying.

Because of his poor performance in Q2, he was doomed to start outside the top ten when Liam Lawson passed Max Verstappen with his final flying lap in that session.
He immediately began cursing over the radio, got out of his car, and stormed down the pit lane.

When he was in a more composed state, he went to the media pen to finish that part of his job and was open and honest about his predicament.
The championship leader acknowledged, “I knew it was always going to be tough to put it on pole, but this I didn’t expect.”.

Things were okay in FP3, but we then modified the car for qualifying, and I believe that tipped it over and made it once more undriveable.
In the large braking zones, the car was severely bottoming out, and my front wheels would always become unloaded if I tried to brake late and hard.

“It was just an astonishing experience, as I said on the radio. I was constantly sliding with no traction despite my attempts to lean the car slightly at the slower speed.
simply very challenging to drive.

When asked if he has any chance of winning on Sunday, he responded right away, “No, no, for sure not.
Here, having a competitive race car is much less important.
It’s similar to Monaco in that you focus entirely on qualifying, and even if you experience degradation, it won’t matter because few drivers will actually pass you because of the low rate of tyre wear.

“This afternoon will be long and challenging.
Ideally, there won’t be a lot of safety cars and the race will be fairly brief.
“And he continued by demanding that his Red Bull team ascertain the cause of the car’s poor performance as soon as possible so that it does not become a recurring problem for the upcoming races.

The messiness at this point rendered it irrelevant whether we started in position 11, position 15, or last, he continued.
More importantly, we need to comprehend why it was so awful.
That, in my opinion, is far more significant than trying to win a few games this weekend.


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