Fresh sanctions from F1 stewards following the Singapore GP add salt to Red Bull’s wounds.

Fresh sanctions from F1 stewards following the Singapore GP add salt to Red Bull’s wounds.

Red Bull had a terrible weekend in Singapore, losing their perfect winning streak for the 2023 campaign and failing to even finish in the top three due to their unusually slow cars.

After the Singapore Grand Prix was over, Sergio Perez received a time penalty.

In relation to an incident involving Alex Albon, he was looked into by the Formula 1 stewards after the race.
The two vehicles collided after a confrontation at turn 13.

Perez was “predominantly to blame,” the stewards decided after looking into the incident.
In addition to one penalty point being added to his license, he was given a five-second time penalty.

The good news for the Mexican is that he still maintains eighth place because he was too far in front of Liam Lawson to lose it due to that penalty alone.
Yet it is a fitting conclusion to what has turned out to be a disastrous race weekend for Red Bull.

The stewards provided the following justification for their decision: “At the approach to Turn 13, Car 23 [Albon] was in front, with Car 40 [Lawson] in front of both of them and travelling slower.
Car 23 didn’t know where Car 11 [Perez] was exactly when it attempted to follow the standard racing line through Turn 13.
Car 23 and Car 11 were collided with when Car 11 moved toward the inside of Car 23.

The stewards believed that the driver of Car 11 engaged in an “optimistic” late maneuver that could be described as “diving in” and that the driver of Car 23 was helpless to prevent the collision.
As a result, it was found that Car 11’s driver was primarily at fault.

We observed that the slower Car 40 in front of Car 23 led the driver of Car 11 to believe he could overtake, so in order to lessen the punishment, we chose to only assign one penalty point.

Red Bull will attempt to bounce back at the Japanese Grand Prix after a disappointing weekend.
Even though it fell short of making up for his drivers’ dismal qualifying performance, team principal Christian Horner called the race “a strong performance.”.

We were extremely unfortunate, he said.
We had no chance of getting into contention because the safety car arrived at the worst possible time.
A very strong performance was also made by Max’s tempo toward the end and Checo’s comeback.

We were aware that the run would eventually end, and we take a moment to appreciate the Team’s hard work.
A remarkable feat is 15 consecutive victories.
Equally amazing is Max’s 10 victories.
As we approach Japan, we are in a strong position and eager to leave and resume our journey.


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