Lewis Hamilton regrets the Singapore Grand Prix after Mercedes’ risky move to halt Carlos Sainz fails.

Lewis Hamilton regrets the Singapore Grand Prix after Mercedes’ risky move to halt Carlos Sainz fails.

George Russell, a teammate of Hamilton’s at Mercedes, lost control while pursuing Lando Norris on the final lap of the Singapore Grand Prix, and Hamilton ended up finishing third.

Lewis Hamilton was pleased with his podium finish at the Singapore Grand Prix, but he was still disappointed by his weak performance in qualifying.

After winner Carlos Sainz and second-place finisher Lando Norris, seven-time world champion finished third. George Russell, who was trying to pass the McLaren on the final lap, crashed out and lost that position, left it to him.

It was the result of Mercedes making a risky tactical decision to pit their drivers, causing them to lose positions but giving them newer, faster tyres for the final stint.
Despite their faster pace, they were barely able to catch Sainz and Norris.

Hamilton, who started fifth on the grid, was pleased with his performance as he finished third and earned an additional point for the fastest lap.
Additionally, he took pleasure in passing both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez during the race as Red Bull struggled, as they had all weekend.

Still, Hamilton lamented his starting position when speaking to Sky Sports.
“In hindsight, everything is clear, but I believe the area where I am most disappointed.
I ought to have been on pole yesterday, George was so close to it,” he said.

“We had a successful race.
The team executed its plan well, and the race was textbook.
In the race, I’m at ease, but qualifying could be better.
George was fantastic all weekend long, but yes, as a team, we took a chance at the end, and I love that the team was doing that.

“But it was a wide gap to close, and it was challenging to pass those guys at the finish line.
I believe we could have completed another five to ten laps if we had needed them.

When asked about the reason for his poor qualifying performance, Hamilton responded, “It’s not just the car, as I said, George was on the front row.
I believe it is me, my driving style, the changes I’m making, and a variety of other factors.
Thus, I must investigate that and will do so. I won’t stop until I get back there, so I’ll keep working hard and pushing.

If I had passed Lando when I had the chance, I believe we would have won the race by half a car length.
We probably could have gotten past Carlos.
A fraction of a second’s distraction on the final lap will result in a victory.
The entire team has my sincere apologies.

The tyres dropping off and pushing the limits made the race extremely difficult.
It’s how racing should be, and if you make a minor error, you get bit.

“It breaks my heart after such a wonderful weekend.
The race was great, qualifying went well, and we used a risky strategy.
I believe I’ve let the team and myself down.
It’s challenging.
We’re coming back.


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