The heartbreak of the Singapore GP crash causes George Russell to fight back tears.

The heartbreak of the Singapore GP crash causes George Russell to fight back tears.

On the last lap of the race, Russell was close to the podium and making a strong push for the victory when he lost control of his Mercedes and crashed out, giving third place to Lewis Hamilton.

After colliding on the final lap of the Singapore Grand Prix, George Russell said he felt like he had “let myself and the team down.”.

He and Lewis Hamilton were pursuing the leaders in the closing stages on brand-new medium tires after a Mercedes strategy gamble. Charles Leclerc was easily defeated by them, and they soon moved on to Lando Norris’ gearbox.

Russell was giving it his all to overtake the McLaren on the last lap.
But because of his excessive force, he ended up clipping the wall on the inside of a corner.

It implied that he continued straight after the corner, burying the Mercedes’ nose in the fence.
As a result, he missed out on the podium and his opportunity to earn points, and Hamilton was forced to settle for third place behind Norris and champion Carlos Sainz.

After colliding with a car, Russell screamed in agony.
He also appeared to be still be upset as he spoke to the Sky Sports cameras about what had happened after the race.

To be honest, he didn’t say anything. a protracted and challenging race.
It was difficult to focus when Carlos did a great job of backing up the pack and preventing us from using the alternate tactic.

If I had passed Lando when I had the chance, I believe we would have won the race by a half-car-length.
We might have been able to get by Carlos, in my opinion.
A millimeter of distraction on the final lap means the race is over.
I apologize to the entire team.

“The tyres dropping off and pushing the limits made it a really difficult race.
It’s how racing should be, and if you make a small error, you get bit.

After such an enjoyable weekend, it is heartbreaking. The race was great, the car felt great, and we used a risky strategy.
I think I failed both the team and myself.
It’s hard. We’re coming back.

Leclerc came in fourth because he had more tyre issues than his Ferrari teammate, Sainz, who took first place, Norris in second, and Hamilton in third.
Additionally, Max Verstappen was able to advance to fifth place at the conclusion of a very challenging weekend for Red Bull.


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