Lewis Hamilton offers a hypothesis as to why Red Bull performed poorly in Singapore.

Lewis Hamilton offers a hypothesis as to why Red Bull performed poorly in Singapore.

Despite their poor performance in Singapore, Red Bull’s Lewis Hamilton questions whether they have fallen below the top of Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton isn’t persuaded that the dominant championship leaders are no longer the standard-setters in Formula 1 despite Red Bull’s failure to challenge the leaders for the victory in Singapore.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, who have each won a race so far in 2023, never had a chance to win or even place on the podium at Marina Bay because an early Safety Car ended their alternative strategy bet, eliminating any chance of a comeback.

Red Bull, according to Lewis Hamilton, is still in charge.

Red Bull’s race weekend was unsuccessful, but Hamilton claimed he has a theory as to why the leaders weren’t performing well in Singapore, claiming the Milton Keynes-based team is already focused on 2024.

I don’t really understand why they are off in pace, he said.

But I think it’s fantastic to see that others, like [McLaren and Ferrari], have accelerated significantly.

“I think it’s great to see that Ferrari has really stepped up, and that’s a good thing.
If you stop to consider it, they have most likely not been growing.
In this case, McLaren undoubtedly introduced an upgrade, and others are doing the same.

“They would have migrated before us because they are working on next year’s car, and since they don’t have as much wind tunnel time as we do, they are probably using some of this year’s for next year’s.

Therefore, I don’t believe it’s the only issue.
They have such a clear advantage that it’s possible that they aren’t investing as much in the development of their vehicle as we are.
but only time will tell.

Carlos Sainz: Singapore demonstrates the F1 sport’s potential.

Race winner Carlos Sainz believes that the fact that the competition between Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes has turned into a three-team shootout illustrates what F1 may become once Red Bull’s competitive advantage is overcome by their rivals.

The Spaniard remarked, “I wouldn’t be surprised if they still win the last few races of the season.

“I think Singapore gave us the opportunity, and we made good use of it.
However, I still believe they will be competitive for the rest of this season and extremely, extremely, extremely challenging to defeat.

“I just think it’s great for F1 if Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Aston Martin – if we were all that two to three tenths quicker every race to challenge them in race pace,” he said.

“The racing this year would be incredible; eight drivers would be vying for victories, just like we saw today, with four or five men competing on a street track.

“So it just goes to show the potential F1 has to put on an amazing show.
However, it’s undeniable that Red Bull has perfected the car this year and is working so hard.

“They deserve every victory they are currently enjoying. Obviously, I’m daydreaming a little about what Formula One could be if we all caught up to them a little in the second half of the season and the following year.


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