Here are 5 things learned from MNF as Nick Chubb is out for the season, and the Saints are still undefeated.

Here are 5 things learned from MNF as Nick Chubb is out for the season, and the Saints are still undefeated.

Nick Chubb’s injury dampened “Monday Night Football,” but there were some brilliant moments to lift the mood in the NFL as Week 2 came to an end.

As of the conclusion of Week 2 of the 2023 NFL season, both “Monday Night Football” contests produced the anticipated amount of tension.

After defeating the Carolina Panthers 20-17 in a game that was only truly competitive in the final seconds, the New Orleans Saints improved to 2-0. After struggling throughout the entire game, Bryce Young finally threw a touchdown and then successfully converted a two-point play, but it was too late as Carolina lost for the second time in a row.

Nick Chubb, a running back who has already been ruled out for the season, suffered a horrific injury during the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers game.
The Browns are eager to learn the extent of the damage, and some of the biggest sports stars in the world have sent Chubb their best wishes via Twitter/X.

DeShaun Watson’s last-second loss of the ball and T.
J. Watt unexpectedly found himself sprinting for the goal line in an attempt to score.
A doubleheader on “Monday Night Football” taught Mirror Sports US five things.

Early in the second quarter of the Browns’ game against the Steelers, running back Nick Chubb suffered a horrific injury.
When he was tackled on his way to the end zone, his left knee, which has given him problems in the past, bent the wrong way, and he had to be carried off right away.

His season is over, according to head coach Kevin Stefanski, who described the injury as “significant.”. Chubb dislocated his left knee, tore his MCL, PCL, and LCL, and suffered cartilage damage in October of 2008 while playing against Tennessee. 10, 2015.

Prior to being declared ineligible, Chubb had 64 rushing yards off of 10 carries, another impressive total for the running back with only 17 minutes remaining in the contest. The Browns will probably be searching for a new running back and may be doing so even before the current season begins.

Jerome Ford establishes his value.

In Chubb’s absence, Jerome Ford took the lead.

As their best running back in the league and primary offensive weapon left the game in a poor manner, Chubb’s removal from the field left Browns supporters unsure of where to look. But after the break, Jerome Ford channeled his inner Nick Chubb and broke through the Steelers defense for a 71-yard run, lifting their spirits.

Just before the goal line, Ford was stopped, but Pierre Strong Jr. rushed it in for six points after the chains had traveled the entire field.
The loss of Chubb is disastrous for the Browns, but their two 2022 draft pick running backs combined for an incredible play.

Few running backs will ever reach Chubb’s level, and they may not even be close to it yet.
However, it did indicate that, should they choose to enter the market, the Browns might be able to survive while Chubb recovers and while looking for a replacement.

It is risky from Pickett to Pickens.

The Pittsburgh Steelers struggled in Week 1 against the San Francisco 49ers despite not being predicted to win after a promising offseason and preseason campaign.
However, quarterback Kenny Pickett and wide receiver George Pickens connected against the Browns for a highlight-reel play.

When Pickett freed Pickens, who had accumulated zero yards off of zero receptions, Pickens erupted, scoring a 71-yard touchdown. Pickens made a name for himself in his rookie season and appears to have what it takes to succeed.

Given that their running game hasn’t been successful, the Steelers had to take action downfield because it is undoubtedly the most dangerous combination.
Pickens’ first highlight-reel play of the year is unlikely to be his last.

The No. 1 spot held for a second week in a row.
The Panthers are currently 0-2 as a result of the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft being insufficient.
Young finished the game with just 153 yards on 22 of 33 attempts on Monday night, and he also fumbled the ball during an errant rush.

Young’s final drive, which the Panthers completed in just four plays as they went all-out offensively with nothing to lose, was his best of the game.
Even though the Saints may have lost interest in the game in the latter stages, it showed that fearless Young has the ability and can even make two-point plays.

Under pressure, however, things change, and Young appears cut off from his offense as evidenced by the numerous throws against the Saints that were wildly off-course.
Even with the late touchdown on Monday, the first-overall pick hasn’t had a great start to the season. He may be a rookie, and it may take him some time to adjust.

Return of NFC South.


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