George Russell is made fun of by Lando Norris as the Mercedes star fights back tears following an F1 crash.

In the aftermath of his late-race crash during the Singapore Grand Prix, George Russell was on the verge of tears, but his countryman Lando Norris didn’t seem overly sympathetic.

George Russell’s late crash during the Singapore Grand Prix, according to Lando Norris’s joke, “copied” him.

The Mercedes driver appeared to be headed for a podium finish on Sunday at Marina Bay.
He ended his race, though, just before the finish line when he struck the outside wall on the way to turn 10 and veered into the barrier.

Despite teasing his countryman, Norris, who was competing with Russell for second place, said he was sympathetic when he gave his assessment of the crash following the game.
The McLaren star told reporters, “I hit the wall in the same place, I did the same.”.
“So I believe he mimicked me and did it worse!

“So I feel for him.
He ran a hard race.
I’d say he was the fastest today. I was able to relax in the final few corners, which was helpful.

While Russell was unable to see the positive aspects of the situation, Norris could.
After being forced to retire, he was immediately brought before the cameras and was clearly upset.

To be honest, he didn’t say anything. It was such a strenuous race.
difficult to maintain focus. Carlos [Sainz] did a fantastic job backing up the pack and preventing us from using the alternate strategy.

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“If I had passed Lando when I had the chance, I believe we would have been able to pass Carlos, and I believe we were half a car length away from winning the race.

Then, in the final lap, a fraction of a second’s lack of focus ended the race.
I’m sorry to the entire team, so.
The tyres were blowing out, and you were pushing yourself to the limit during a really difficult race.
Racing should be like that; if you make a small error, you get bit.

Carlos Sainz of Ferrari was eventually able to emerge victorious thanks to the collision; this was his first victory since the British Grand Prix of last year.
It was also the first time since the 2021 campaign that Russell failed to complete.

Aside from Norris’ playful joke, the current world champion Max Verstappen also reacted to the incident in a somewhat hurried manner.
The Dutchman radioed Red Bull team manager Christian Horner to ask for clarification after being perplexed by the smash.

He inquired, “So by whom did he [Russell] go into the barrier?” and was given the response, “On his own.

Then Verstappen responded with a succinct and direct response, saying, “Oh…ok.
“The current Championship leader was among those to gain from Russell’s crash as he advanced from the back of the grid to finish fifth.


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