In response to George Russell’s crash in Singapore, Lewis Hamilton displays his true colors.

In response to George Russell’s crash in Singapore, Lewis Hamilton displays his true colors.

Russell gave his podium finish to Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate by crashing out of the Singapore Grand Prix as he raced hard on the last lap.

George Russell suffered a devastating crash at the Singapore Grand Prix, and Lewis Hamilton offered his support, displaying class.

In the closing stages of the race, Mercedes was gaining ground.
By pitting both drivers on brand-new medium tyres, the team took a chance in the hopes that they would have the pace advantage to make up for the time lost and contend for the victory.

For a while, it looked as though it would pay off as Hamilton set the fastest lap and both British drivers easily caught and passed Charles Leclerc.
Lando Norris was quickly in their sights, but time was running out.

Russell erred on the last lap and crashed into a barrier on the inside of a turn after pushing himself hard out of desperation.
He was cruelly forced across the track and into the Tec-pro on the opposite side, ending his race.

Russell received nothing, while Hamilton received third place and a podium spot.
He was also on the verge of tears as he told reporters after the race that he felt he had let his Mercedes team down.

Hamilton offered his support and expressed his sympathies for his teammate during the press conference for the top three drivers.
It’s extremely simple to make mistakes when everyone is attempting to be millimeter perfect.
Being in George’s situation makes it simple for any of us, he said.

“It was really unfortunate for him to finish that way on the last lap because he had been driving phenomenally the entire weekend.
Yet he keeps developing and getting better.
He’ll keep developing his strength and speed, I’m confident. If there is any way I can assist him in participating in that over the ensuing few years.

Putting together a race is not easy, but it is where I feel most at ease on the track.
I have a lot of experience and have been here for a long time.
Just remember to keep your head down.
If you take a look at the previous year, I erred at turn seven, went off course, and crashed into the wall.
Any of us could experience it.
It’s one of those things.

To be honest, no words,” Russell had earlier remarked.
What a long and challenging race.
Concentration was difficult to maintain as Carlos did a great job of holding the pack up and preventing us from using the alternate tactic.
If I had passed Lando when I had the chance, I believe we would have won the race by half a car length.
We probably could have gotten past Carlos.

A millimeter’s distraction on the final lap means the race is over.
I’m truly sorry to the entire team.
The race was extremely difficult because the tyres kept blowing out and pushing the limits.
It’s how racing should be, and if you make a minor error, you get bit.

“It breaks my heart after such a wonderful weekend.
The race was great, qualifying went well, and we used a risky strategy.
I believe I failed both the team and myself.
Hard going. We’re coming back.


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