Shedeur Sanders won’t face a suspension from Colorado football because of the eye poke incident.

Shedeur Sanders won’t face a suspension from Colorado football because of the eye poke incident.

According to information obtained by Mirror Sports US, Colorado will not discipline star quarterback Shedeur Sanders for what appeared to be an intentional insertion of his fingers inside a Colorado State player’s helmet.

Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback for Colorado football, won’t be suspended for poking Mohamed Kamara, a defensive lineman for Colorado State, in the eye on Saturday during the team’s 43-35 victory.

The tense rivalry game in which the first-half incident occurred saw Buffaloes star Travis Hunter injured by an illegal late hit, and referees ejected Kamara for elbowing Shedeur Sanders in overtime.

The signal-caller, who is the son of head coach Deion Sanders, has not commented on the eye-poking incident in the media.
Beyond informing Mirror Sports US that it would not penalize him, Colorado declined to comment.

College football players have previously been suspended for using eye pokes.
For judging the eyes of San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny in 2017, Northern Illinois suspended linebacker Antonio Jones-Davis for one game.
One of Florida’s most well-known players, linebacker Brandon Spikes, was given a one-and-a-half-game suspension in 2009 after he poked Georgia running back Washaun Ealey in the eyes.

Using the No. 19 Buffaloes versus No. This weekend, No. 10 Oregon and No. On September 5, USC. 30, keeping Shedeur Sanders at center is a crucial choice that raises their chances of a surprise.

Shedeur Sanders, who overcame a shaky start to guide the Buffaloes back from the verge of defeat, played a hero’s part in Colorado’s dramatic comeback victory over Colorado State.
In the final two minutes of regulation, he directed a 98-yard touchdown march and scored the game-tying two-point conversion to force overtime.

The defender Kamara, who the 21-year-old appeared to have poked earlier, delivered a body blow to him during the first extra period. Shedeur Sanders required some time to recover from the shock of the hit, and Kamara was penalized for targeting and kicked out of the game.
On the sideline, Deion Sanders reassured his son before coming back to throw two overtime touchdowns to seal a spirited victory.

After finishing 1-11 in 2022, the outcome helped the Buffaloes improve to 3-0 in Deion Sanders’ first season as coach.
Their performance over the next two weekends will determine whether they can legitimately contend for the Pac-12 title or if they need to scale back their goals.

Additionally unbeaten teams, USC and Oregon, may challenge for the national championship.
In Bo Nix and Caleb Williams, they have Heisman Trophy contenders at quarterback.

The absence of Hunter, who was taken to the hospital following a late hit from Colorado State safety Henry Blackburn, is another issue for Colorado. Deion Sanders said he will miss a few weeks due to a lacerated liver, which means he won’t play against Oregon or USC.

Hunter, a first-round NFL draft prospect who can play cornerback and wide receiver, is arguably the Buffaloes’ most important player.
However, following reports that the Colorado State player had received death threats from supporters as a result of his hit on Hunter, Hunter and Deion Sanders have urged an end to the abuse of Blackburn.

After all, it’s just football, Hunter said on Monday.
Such things are bound to occur. He followed instructions exactly.
This is football.
Sooner or later, something bad will occur on the field.
Just get up and start fighting again.
I made an effort to stand up and fight like that.
Because I would have continued playing if there had been no medical personnel present, it’s a good thing the doctors intervened.
However, I want to thank everyone who gave me assistance that day.


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