In an absurd conspiracy theory, an unlikely quarterback from the NFL is the star.

In an absurd conspiracy theory, an unlikely quarterback from the NFL is the star.

Kyle Brandt, a co-host of Good Morning Football on the NFL Network, has a theory that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is actually artificial intelligence.

Kyle Brandt, a co-host of Good Morning Football, has jokingly proposed the theory that Brock Purdy, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is actually a test subject for artificial intelligence.

After another faultless performance on Thursday, Purdy, 23, is currently 8-0 as the starting quarterback for the NFL and has yet to throw an interception three games into the new season. The interception-free streak spans a total of seven games and the entire 2022 postseason.

The quarterback threw for a season-high 310 yards and two touchdowns against the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football.
He leads the NFL in passing with 736 yards after playing a game more than the rest of the league.

Brandt has the perception that not everything is as it seems as a result of his long-term success. The GMF personality has since discussed his theories live on air.

On the program, Brandt stated, “I’m working on a Brock Purdy theory.”.
‘I believe he is AI.
I am not sure if he is real.

“I believe that a plot to get the first artificial intelligence player was underway, and it will undoubtedly be revealed years from now.
Just have him go last [Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2022 NFL Draft].
There won’t be any reaction, and it won’t stick.

I’m not sure if he is a human.
He looks like a Terminator, in my opinion.
“They’re saying, ‘We need to start incorporating artificial intelligence into the game,'” he continued.
Let’s carry it out quietly and in silence.

He may not bleed, in my opinion.
He may not perspire. He doesn’t appear to blink.
He’s one of those characters from Westworld, if you watch him.
He won’t even blink when an insect lands on his eyeball.

Jamie Erdahl, the host of GMF, then questioned Brandt about Purdy’s Week 1 interception against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
He did fumble the ball, but he caught it and kept control of it, she recalled.

Brandt retorted, “It’s part of his programming to look human.”.
The terminators have human flesh coverings to give them their appearance.
In the end, he recovered it after fumbling it.
All of that is contained in the programming.
I’m telling you, this guy is an AI.
I swear.
He is not a true human being.

He has the face of a young, Caucasian man with side-parted hair that a computer has created, I swear. They resemble the way people are perceived by computers.
It is fictitious.
The machines, not God, were the source of that.

They’re calling him a ‘bot,’ Purdy, because it’s not Brock, it’s a ‘bot,’ continued Brandt.
You have my word that he is a robot.
There will be consequences if he tears off his skin.
Wiring will take place.

The co-host of GMF also asserted that he was born in the US state of Iowa, beneath the cornfields.
Before being selected, Purdy played four years of collegiate football there for the Cyclones at Iowa State University.


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