Deion Sanders of Colorado: No excuses after Oregon’s “butt kicking.”.

Deion Sanders of Colorado: No excuses after Oregon’s “butt kicking.”.

Oregon’s Eugene.
On Saturday, Colorado coach Deion Sanders ducked into a tiny white tent on the side of Autzen Stadium to discuss his team’s 42-6 loss to Oregon in a game between top-20 teams.

We behaved like hot garbage, according to Sanders.
“Really good ol’ fashioned butt kicking.
I have no justifications.

The outcomes spoke louder than Sanders’ straightforward remarks, which gave voice to Colorado’s struggles. The Buffs were outplayed throughout the entire game, giving up 518 total yards (284 passing, 234 rushing) while only managing to gain 200 overall.

As they racked up penalties and errors on both sides of the ball, Sanders’ team appeared confused on the road.
It was a catastrophe for Colorado when combined with Oregon’s outstanding performance. The chants of “overrated” from the Oregon student section began before the game and only grew louder.

Bo Nix, the Oregon offense, and their opening 72-yard drive in eight plays against little resistance could not have prevented the outcome, not even the two-way star Travis Hunter, who was injured and was unable to play. The theme persisted as Shedeur Sanders’ day was made into a nightmare by the Ducks’ defense while Nix and the offense gained first downs and scored 35 points.

Shedeur, who had received some Heisman buzz in the season’s first three games, was sacked four times in the first half.

After the game, Shedeur said, “I just can’t take sacks like that.
Nothing they did was mystical or surreal.
Losing is inevitable if you don’t perform.

In reference to his son, Deion said, “When they got to our quarterback, it’s a wrap.”.
It’s not like we were successfully running the ball, either.

Deion Sanders scoffed at the idea that the Buffs and Ducks had different skill sets.
And as for the notion that Colorado needed to be humbled, he joked that his team hadn’t been arrogant, only confident. If there were, he asked, how were they 3-1 after a one-win season.

Deion Sanders asserted, “We anticipate success.”.
“We simply failed to perform today, but [the defeat] wasn’t something that was required.

Sanders seems to be fully aware of the scrutiny.
Sanders claims that his persona and coaching style play a role in both the attention Colorado receives and the way rival teams view the Buffs.
Not his team, but him, he claimed, is the focus of teams. This appears to have caused a variety of things, including spectators making jokes about Shedeur Sanders’ Rolex watches late in the game on Saturday, the Oregon mascot Puddles dressing up as Coach Prime before the game, smashing a clock that read “Prime Time,” and opposing coaches making remarks similar to Lanning’s in his pregame speech about how sports are played on grass and not “in Hollywood.”.

Contrary to what someone else said, I don’t say things just to get a click.
“, said Deion Sanders.
Their insecurity is offended by our confidence.
What is, is what is.
I enrolled for it.

The Buffaloes have a self-assured aura.
In the presence of security personnel and multiple cameras that record his every move, Deion Sanders emerges from the tunnel and begins his pregame stroll.
It’s amazing to watch as he slowly circles the edge of a field, greeting both jeers and boos. Even though he is quick to point out that he is not currently playing, it is easy to understand why some teams and coaches respond as though he is.

When the Colorado sports information director called to end the post-game press conference on Saturday, Deion replied, “Let them ask a couple more.”.
“I have no other place to go.

Nobody understands the effects of losses better than Deion, despite all the glitz and glamour. Sanders made it clear following Saturday’s defeat that there is still plenty of time and work to be done for a program in Year 1 of what is meant to be a rebuilding season.

In his postgame message to the team, Sanders said, “Get your butt up and let’s go.”.
Having a pity party is not in the cards for us.
There are no tissues or napkins being carried around in the locker room.
Work needs to be done.
The future I can see looks really promising.


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