Red Bull received severe punishment following the Japanese GP, putting Sergio Perez in danger of missing races in Formula 1.

Red Bull received severe punishment following the Japanese GP, putting Sergio Perez in danger of missing races in Formula 1.

Perez had a terrible Japanese Grand Prix, colliding with other drivers at least twice, and using three front wings in the opening 15 laps before giving up.

To add salt to his wounds following a nightmare Japanese Grand Prix, Sergio Perez racked up a ton of penalty points.

The Mexican had a fifth-place start and was close to the top three.
However, everything that could have gone wrong did, beginning with his early collision with Lewis Hamilton, which broke his front wing.

He went into the pits at the conclusion of the first lap to get a replacement.
But not long after, he collided with Kevin Magnussen and required a third penalty before finally giving up the race after receiving two different fines.

To make matters worse, Perez has inched closer to the prospect of a racial ban as a result.
On Sunday, the Red Bull racer added four more penalty points to his license, bringing his total to seven.

In order to avoid a race ban, drivers must not accumulate 12 penalty points in a calendar year.
Although a few have come close, no Formula 1 driver has ever brought about such a sanction.

In that respect, Perez still has some breathing room.
To make sure he isn’t treading water, he might need to exercise caution for the remainder of this campaign.

The Mexican responded to his day by saying: “It was just a disastrous weekend.
Everything began in turn one with a really bad start, and I was crammed in as a passenger in a sandwich.
I believe that the fact that we had a lot of damage in the car added to the difficulty of the situation for us.

He was the second competitor to give up. Curiously, however, after requesting and receiving approval from the FIA to do so, his team decided to send him back out onto the track later on in the race.

At that point, Perez was behind by more than 20 laps and was out of chances to earn any points.
However, the team’s choice was made with his future in mind because of the penalty that was looming over him.

If a driver doesn’t serve a time penalty in a race, the rules state that the stewards can penalize him or her with a grid penalty for the next event.
Red Bull took advantage of a loophole in the rules that allowed them to “serve” that punishment at Suzuka in order to ensure that their plans for the Qatar Grand Prix would not be impacted in order to stop the threat of that happening.


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