The coach of Oregon trashes Deion Sanders and Colorado in a heated locker room speech.

The coach of Oregon trashes Deion Sanders and Colorado in a heated locker room speech.

Before facing Colorado, Oregon coach Dan Lanning gave a memorable speech to his team in which he mocked the Buffaloes’ program under Deion Sanders, calling them nothing more than attention seekers.

In his pregame locker room speech to his team before their team’s rout of the Buffaloes 42-6, Oregon head coach Dan Lanning abandoned the demure persona he had maintained toward Colorado over the course of the previous week.

Lanning claimed that Colorado head coach Deion Sanders’ fledgling program, which has received widespread attention so far this season, was lacking in substance.
In his remarks to his players, Lanning used a fiery tone.

It is not flashy; it is rooted in substance.
It has substance, according to Lanning.
“Today, we battle with our pads.

“Man, the Cinderella tale is over.
They are vying for clicks, while we are vying for victories.
There’s a distinction.
The location of this game will be outside on some grass, not in Hollywood.

Oregon had already significantly outscored Colorado when the speech was broadcast on TV by ABC during the first half of the game.
With roughly four times as many yards gained as the visitors, the Ducks led 35-0 at the half.
We’re not done yet, Lanning told ABC as he left the field during the break.
We’re not happy.
I’m assuming everyone who has been watching “Colorado” each week is still doing so.
But his team only scored seven more points in the second half, content to let the time run out.

The Buffaloes gained media attention after defeating TCU, Nebraska, and Colorado State.
There was a lot of trash talk during the last two games.

though the No. Bo Nix and the 10 Ducks are showing that they are a different animal than the foes Colorado defeated earlier in the college football season.
They are contenders for the Heisman Trophy.
Furthermore, they were eager to lessen the publicity surrounding Deion Sanders’ program.

After a humiliating blunder in which the player loses effort, Purdue loses.

Following a terrifying office encounter, Deion Sanders reveals the one thing that scares him.

Deion Sanders and Lanning both expressed respect for one another in the week leading up to the Pac-12 matchup at Autzen Stadium, with the Ducks’ coach retracting remarks he made over the summer that portrayed the Buffaloes as an unimportant team in the league.

“I am aware of the tremendous excitement among our players to play.
Lanning told reporters, “Coach Sanders has done a fantastic job.
He has given them a lot of momentum, and they have performed incredibly well in their first three games.
Thus, for us, it has been enjoyable.

Meanwhile, Deion Sanders declared: “I respect the hell out of this man, what he’s accomplished, stepping in and taking over that program, not only keeping it rock steady but accelerating it.
I adore him for who he is.
I have a lot of respect for him because I like the way he manages his team and works.

On Saturday in Eugene, there was controversy in addition to Lanning’s pregame remarks.
In an overt reference to Coach Prime’s attire, Oregon’s mascot ran onto the field while sporting sunglasses.
Before kickoff, Colorado violated the same unwritten rule that Nebraska was criticized for breaking a few weeks ago by walking over Oregon’s midfield logo.

Travis Hunter, a two-way star for Colorado who last weekend suffered a lacerated liver against Colorado State, was not on the team.
The disparity between the teams, however, appeared to be much wider than just one player, as evidenced by the lopsided scoreline.

Deion Sanders and Lanning embraced and gave each other pats on the back following the game. It wasn’t known if Colorado’s coach had heard what was said in the locker room prior to the game.


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