In response, the quarterback retorts that Sauce Gardner is criticizing Mac Jones for hitting him in “private parts.”.

In response, the quarterback retorts that Sauce Gardner is criticizing Mac Jones for hitting him in “private parts.”.

Following the New York Jets’ defeat by the New England Patriots, cornerback Sauce Gardner described what he saw as a dirty play by Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, who has refuted the allegations.

Sauce Gardner of the New York Jets claims that quarterback Mac Jones of the New England Patriots touched him in the groin.
Jones, however, vehemently denied any wrongdoing and refuted the claim that the play was unsportsmanlike.

Following Sunday’s 15-10 Patriots victory over the Jets, Gardner spoke to the media.
After a quarterback sneak late in the game, he claimed that Jones punched him in the groin.

In the scrum-style interview with Mirror US Sports present, Gardner described Jones’ request for assistance from him: “He reached out to me to get me to help him up.”.
He was blocking my path, so I just moved his hand.

He stood up and walked over to me, saying, “Good job.
He hit me in the private areas as he was speaking. I didn’t respond the way I really wanted to.
That was definitely not what I anticipated. I suppose everything is new.

Gardner responded that he thought Jones’s gesture was intentional when asked about the effect of the blow to the groin.
I need to ice up.
Gardner joked as he stepped away from the podium, “He’s trying to stop me from having kids in the future.

Jones was pushed to the ground by C as he attempted to get a first down.
J. Mosley, an event that took place a considerable amount of time after the whistle.
After the play, Jones was defended by the offensive line, which led to a heated argument between him and the Jets’ defenders.

In front of four referees, Gardner was captured on camera pushing Jones to the ground once more during the altercation.
At his press conference following the game, Jones responded to Gardner’s charge.
“Um, no.
Just trying to get the first down, I believe,” Jones said.
The play was undoubtedly physical.
There are many guys inside. When everyone is in there, things may become violent.

Regarding the play or what followed, no flags were raised.
The Jets encountered a number of frustrating situations during the game, including a play where QB Zach Wilson held onto the ball for too long and was sacked for a safety, which contributed to their defeat.
Their record went from 1-2 as a result.

The team’s offense only managed to generate 171 yards, while their once-respected defense allowed the New England team to gain 358 yards.
The Jets’ defeat allowed New England to earn their first victory of the year and snap a two-game losing streak.

Before the Gardner incident, Jones had drawn criticism for his dubious play.
Following the Bengals’ victory over the Patriots last year, Jones dove in front of Eli Apple and made a knee-tackling catch.

Many observers and NFL fans viewed the play as being dishonest. The incident happened after Germaine Pratt of the Bengals recovered a fumble that had earlier been called a fumble.
Several Patriots offensive players were present to support their quarterback as Pratt moved the ball toward Cincinnati’s end zone.


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