After the incidents involving Sergio Perez, George Russell is calling for a change in the F1 penalty system.

After the incidents involving Sergio Perez, George Russell is calling for a change in the F1 penalty system.

Serio Perez was involved in yet another incident at the Japanese Grand Prix, prompting George Russell to call for changes, even though the Mexican’s subsequent penalty had no bearing on his performance.

The F1 race stewards have been urged by George Russell to consider an incident’s effects when imposing penalties.

Sergio Perez, a Red Bull star, received five-second penalties for both of the incidents he was involved in during his most recent two races. The first occurred last week in Singapore when he was penalized after colliding with Alexander Albon late in the race.

However, he finished more than five seconds ahead of ninth-placed Liam Lawson, making the five-second time penalty effectively irrelevant.
Then, on Sunday, he got in touch with Kevin Magnussen, the Haas driver.

Despite retiring the vehicle as a result of the incident, Perez was given a five-second penalty once more. Remarkably, and entirely legally, Perez ‘unretired’ to serve the penalty at a pit stop before re-retiring, preventing the penalty from rolling over to the Qatar Grand Prix.

The stewards have the authority to impose any penalties they see fit in response to incidents, from time penalties to stop-and-go penalties.
Russell, however, contends that incidents’ immediate effects must be taken into account and addressed appropriately.

“I’ve been in a position where if I look at Austin last year when I made the mistake with Carlos and I got five seconds for it,” he said.
Probably worthy of a drive-through.
We claim that we shouldn’t evaluate the incident’s effects, which makes it challenging.
However, there are times when you must evaluate the incident’s impact.

While Perez was forced to retire twice, Red Bull as a team was able to win the Constructors Championship because Max Verstappen won the race.
The Mexican acknowledged that he was having a very bad day.

“It would have been nice to clinch the Championship in a different way, but it has been an incredible year and I am so happy for the Team today,” the player said. My race turned out to be very complicated,” he said.

“Unfortunately, after a poor beginning, everything got worse.
We brought the car in for an evaluation because the collisions had done too much damage.
After repairing the vehicle, we were required to serve a penalty, which we did, and then we brought the vehicle in.

“Despite this, the team has had a really great day, and winning the championship is really special.
The entire team has done an amazing job, and I am so proud of them all.

Although at one point he was running near the podium, Russell was engaged in a battle with teammate Lewis Hamilton.
Ultimately, the Englishman came in seventh, which disappointed him.

“We will focus on today’s positives.
At the beginning of the day, the one-stop approach didn’t appear to be the best one, but we were able to make it work better than anticipated.
In the end, though, we simply lacked the pace this weekend to confront those in front, he said.

Although the end result was a fair reflection of where our speed was, I’m glad we tried something new. I believe we did the best we could today.
We were pushing in the final moments, but ultimately, I don’t think there was anything we could have done to change the outcome.


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