NFL officials have come under fire for making arbitrary and absurd penalty decisions.

NFL officials have come under fire for making arbitrary and absurd penalty decisions.

Since joining the Super Bowl champions, offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor of the Kansas City Chiefs has been in the spotlight and has racked up plenty of penalties so far this year.

Following Sunday’s penalty against offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid criticized NFL officials.

During the first half of their game against the Chicago Bears, Taylor, 25, was assessed two illegal formation penalties.
The significant free agent acquisition was flagged for five penalties against his former team in Week 2 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Back in the NFL Kickoff Game against the Detroit Lions, Taylor was the subject of much attention.
The player lined up illegally throughout his Chiefs debut, but officials were lenient on opening night.

However, it was something that the broadcast’s analysts brought up. Reid currently believes that this is affecting Taylor’s treatment.

During his postgame press conference on Sunday, he stated, “I checked out all the looks that our right tackle got called on today, and I’m seeing it on both sides of the ball.”.
I had the impression today that he was being slightly picked on here.

“The week before, I thought they did a good job, but today, I thought it was too much.
It was invisible to me.
We must, nevertheless, continue to work on that and get through this.

They are watching him, the coach continued.
The Thursday night game was where it all began.
It’s simply inconsistent right now if you take a look around the league.
The crucial component is that.

During a Monday press conference with reporters, Reid brought up the subject once more.
“Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, I’ve even doubled down more on what I said yesterday,” he said.

They should also watch out for everyone else because they have their eyes on him.
It’s so absurd that it’s laughable.
Now that their argument has been established for the world to see, let’s make sure we maintain our consistency.

The statistics also appear to support Reid’s claim.
According to Sports Radio 810 WHB, Taylor is to blame for three of the four illegal formation penalties assessed to offensive tackles since the league’s first week.

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Chiefs, has also criticized the infractions.
He remarked on Sunday, “It’s wild to me.

“When you go back and look at the tablet, both tackles are in the same location. I fail to grasp it.
It’s challenging because he’s excelling at football yet keeps receiving penalties.

“I know it’s difficult to call, but I watch a lot of tape, and he’s no deeper than any other tackle in the league.
He is further back than other guys.

It’s crazy to see, but hopefully it will sort of settle down as the season progresses.
However, despite the adjustments he is making, I guess they still don’t seem to be sufficient.


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