Dan Lanning’s fiery pre-game speech for Colorado appears to have drawn criticism from Nick Saban.

Dan Lanning’s fiery pre-game speech for Colorado appears to have drawn criticism from Nick Saban.

Coach Nick Saban of Alabama appears to be critical of Oregon Ducks’ coach Dan Lanning’s vehement pre-game address prior to the Colorado game.

The pre-game speech given by Oregon Ducks football coach Dan Lanning before his team’s victory over Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes was unforgettable and quickly went viral on social media.

Both praise and criticism were voiced in response to Lanning’s speech, “They’re fighting for clicks, we’re fighting for wins.”.

Nick Saban, the coach of Alabama, provided his perspective on Thursday.

While Saban acknowledged that Lanning’s speech was effective in inspiring his team, it appeared that he felt it should have taken place in the locker room.

On the “Pat McAfee Show,” Saban said, “There’s still this sacred time in the locker room that you should be able to say things to your team, to motivate your team, that maybe they’re not disrespectful to the other team, but it’s not for everybody else to know.
“I can see what Dan Lanning was trying to say, and in some ways, it was probably good for his team to hear it, but that’s always the argument: it probably wasn’t good for everyone else to hear.
When do you say, “Okay, there has to be a time when you can talk to your team and say what you have to say, and it’s really for everyone else to hear?”.

It’s common practice for coaches to communicate with their players and rivals through the media, but Saban appeared to be confused by Lanning’s speech’s timing.

“I believe you can communicate with your team using the media.
Saban said, “I don’t think you need to do that right before the game.
“You talk to the press on Monday. You need to get a message out there because your team will hear it, and you can reinforce it in a team meeting.
However, you want everyone to think that way, and occasionally you even want your fans to think that way so that rat poison doesn’t reach them.

Despite the Ducks’ 42-6 victory over the Buffaloes, Lanning’s pre-game speech received the majority of post-game attention on a national level.


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