Coach Prime’s daughter Shelomi Sanders makes bold claims while sitting on Colorado’s throne during Week 5

Coach Prime’s daughter Shelomi Sanders makes bold claims while sitting on Colorado’s throne during Week 5

Shelomi Sanders, Coach Prime’s daughter, asserts vehemently that Colorado’s victory in Week 5 is “a family affair.”.

Another trying week was experienced by Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes. They lost to the No. 1 team 48–41, but they didn’t quit.
On Saturday at home, there will be 8 USC Trojans.
Shelomi Sanders, Coach Prime’s daughter, isn’t at all discouraged by it.

In fact, Shelomi has stated a bold statement about Colorado (3-2) while donning a Buffaloes jersey.
Instagram itself posted a picture of Deion Sanders’ daughter from the Week 5 match at Folsom Field while CU was king of the turnover throne.

What, specifically, did Shelomi Sanders assert about the Buffaloes on social media?

Shelomi was featured in a photo posted by the official Instagram account. It was referred to as a family affair when the Colorado Buffaloes played the USC Trojans.
That’s a fitting way to sum up the circumstance in Boulder.

Shelomi reposted the image on Instagram, reinforcing the assertive statement made in the caption.

She is not mistaken, though.
Nearly all Sanders family members attend the stadium for the Colorado games. And as a student at the University of Colorado, Shelomi has a close relationship with the athletics department.
Like her father and brothers, she participates in athletics.

Shelomi Sanders is a college athlete.

Shelomi is an athlete, much like the majority of Deion Sanders’ relatives.
As a member of the Jackson State Tigers, she began her career in college basketball.
She moved to Colorado this year, joining her father and two brothers, Shilo Sanders and Shedeur Sanders.

The accomplishments of his three children in sports so close to him make Shelomi’s father happy.
He recently discussed his daughter’s commitment to the basketball program in an interview.

Since they have 24-hour access to the gym, Sanders claims that Shelomi practices alone quite frequently. He also praised the coach and the Buffaloes basketball team.


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