In front of Taylor Swift, Patrick Mahomes admitted to making two errors.

In front of Taylor Swift, Patrick Mahomes admitted to making two errors.

Taylor Swift, his wife Brittany, and many other A-list celebrities watched the Kansas City Chiefs play the New York Jets while Patrick Mahomes threw two interceptions.

In the Kansas City Chiefs’ Sunday Night Football matchup against the New York Jets, Patrick Mahomes has held his hands up despite making two costly errors.

With Taylor Swift and Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, in attendance to watch teammate Travis Kelce, MetLife Stadium was the center of attention.
The Chiefs offense had a scorching start, but as the Jets mounted a comeback, things began to go wrong.

In particular, Mahomes committed two out-of-character mistakes that cost the Chiefs the game, throwing two interceptions, one on a pass intended for Kelce.
They eventually came away with a 23-20 victory after Mahomes worked his magic in the fourth quarter.

The current NFL MVP admitted after the game that he should never have tried to complete the passes that he did, and he took full responsibility for his two interceptions.

Mahomes said following the game, “I just have to throw the ball away.”.
They effectively covered both plays.
I attempted to make precise throws rather than simply tossing the ball away.

“You just have to know when you can take those chances, and at that moment, at that point in the game, I can’t do that.
I can’t give it back and put that strain on our defense.

“However, they stood up for me.
Football is involved.
The NFL is in question. Not everything’s going to be easy.

Mahomes understands the need to “win ugly,” despite not enjoying certain aspects of the game.

“You have to find a way to win in different ways,” Mahomes continued.
“And I’ve learned that over my career.

“I’ve learned in my six or seven years you can win pretty, but you have to win ugly, too, in order to win Super Bowls.
For me, even though I hate it while it’s happening, I feel like it makes you better in the end if you win games like this where not everything is going perfect.

“We did that last year, and we’re going to try to do that again this year and then try to keep getting better so we’re playing our best football at the end of the season.

Mahomes and the Chiefs moved to 3-1 with their win over the Jets.
They are back in action against the Minnesota Vikings at U.
S. Bank Stadium in Week 5.
The way they were able to do that on a tricky night in New York underlined why he believes they can emulate what they did last year on their Super Bowl run.


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