OG Anunoby sends surprised Damian Lillard With A ’Welcome To Toronto’ Text

OG Anunoby sends surprised Damian Lillard With A ’Welcome To Toronto’ Text

With a “Welcome to Toronto” text, OG Anunoby prank-called Damian Lillard.

After a protracted summer saga in which he tried to force his way to Miami, requested a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers, and ultimately informed other contending teams like the Bucks that he was open to joining them, Damian Lillard is now a member of the Milwaukee Bucks.

For the majority of August and September, there was very little activity.
However, in the final two weeks before Lillard was traded, rumors of interest from teams other than Miami, including the Toronto Raptors, began to circulate.
By all accounts, Toronto made a very serious effort to sign the star guard even though the Raptors were not among his top picks. Lillard was somewhat anxious as he awaited learning of his new location, and the Raptors forward OG Anunoby’s practical joke added to his anxiety.

At the Bucks media day, Lillard sat down with Chris Haynes and related the tale of receiving a “Welcome to Toronto” text from Anunoby, which caused him to panic and wonder what was going on before realizing that OG was joking with him.

This is an incredibly funny prank (that I’m sure Dame did not find funny at the time), and Anunoby is known for being extremely stoic and having a very dry sense of humor.
It’s truly amazing that he didn’t pick up the phone when Dame called and let the tension build up for a little while before calling back and laughing at him.
Even though Dame was undoubtedly stressed, it’s hilarious looking back on it.


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