Tennis star throws the ball into the umpire’s face during a crucial point in the match and is eliminated.

Tennis star throws the ball into the umpire’s face during a crucial point in the match and is eliminated.

Marc Polmans, a tennis legend, was eliminated from the Shanghai Masters qualifying round after he angrily slammed the ball into the umpire’s face.

Tennis player could get into trouble after being disqualified from the qualifying round at the Shanghai Masters after hitting the ball into the umpire’s face out of frustration.

Global No. When 140-year-old Marc Polans faced Italian Stefano Napolitano with a match point, he missed a volley and in anger slammed the ball out of bounds and directly into the umpire’s face.
At 6-5 against the serve, the Australian was ahead in the second set tiebreak.

However, Polmans threw away all of his hard work in a fit of rage by swinging the ball like a golfer as it came back at him off the net.
Polmans sheepishly went over to check when the ball traveled the short distance before landing flush in the umpire’s face.

Polmans was eliminated right away, and No. Napolitano, who was previously 253, has now advanced to the main draw.
In addition, Polmans will give up the winnings from his qualifying tournament match against Alibek Kachmazov as well as the ranking points that came with it.

Players are not allowed to hit, kick, or throw a tennis ball while on the premises of the tournament site, with the exception of when reasonably pursuing a point during a match (including warm-up), according to the ATP conduct, which states that this prohibition applies even if the ball misses an official.
This means that Polmans was likely to be penalized, even if the ball had missed the umpire and the stands.

For the purposes of this rule, “abuse of balls” is defined as intentionally or carelessly striking a ball outside of the court’s enclosure, recklessly or dangerously striking a ball inside the court, or intentionally hitting a ball without regard to the repercussions.

The amount of the ATP’s fine against Polmans and whether any further action will be taken are still unknown.
In response to Polmans’ disqualification, fellow countryman Nick Kyrgios tweeted: “Interested to see what the fine will be, all things considered (15 thousand pounds) for the bottle shake at queens,” making reference to one of his prior fines.


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