Ross Brawn reveals Lewis Hamilton nearly caused ‘disaster’ at Turkish Grand Prix.

Ross Brawn reveals Lewis Hamilton nearly caused ‘disaster’ at Turkish Grand Prix.

Ross Brawn asserts that Lewis Hamilton almost brought about “disaster” at the Turkish Grand Prix.

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According to Ross Brawn, the managing director of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton’s response to Mercedes’ strategy at the Turkish Grand Prix nearly resulted in a “disaster.”.

Due to an engine penalty, Hamilton started the race on Sunday in 11th place, but by the time his team called him in for a pit stop late in the race, he had advanced to third. The seven-time champion initially objected to the strategy and stayed outside longer but eventually gave in.

When Hamilton exited the pit lane, he had dropped two positions and finished fifth, giving rival Max Verstappen the championship lead after his second-place finish in Istanbul.

Brawn has provided an explanation for why Hamilton’s initial “push-back” against Mercedes almost resulted in serious consequences.
Hamilton’s frustration with Mercedes was evident.

The driver is “in a bubble,” Brawn opined in his column for the official F1 website.

They must provide you with information, but they are unable to see the data being fed to the pit wall.

“In Lewis’ case, it would have been disastrous if he hadn’t boxed and the tyres had disappeared or there had been a light rain shower.

“Teams once again had to make a very challenging strategic choice. In these situations, you are relying on your perception, knowledge, and intuition.

There was initially some internal resistance to pitting, as we saw with Lewis.

It’s simple for a team to reverse what they believe to be the right action when these situations are not cut and dry and the driver pushes back.


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