NFL fans make their opinions on Taylor Swift painfully clear.

NFL fans make their opinions on Taylor Swift painfully clear.

The day after Taylor Swift’s upcoming movie’s advertisement was shown on the big screens at MetLife Stadium, NFL fans in attendance made their feelings known by reacting brutally.

Following her attendance at Travis Kelce’s last two Kansas City Chiefs games, Taylor Swift has recently become the talk of the NFL, but not everyone is a fan.

By sitting next to the superstar quarterback’s mother, Donna, during their September 24 game against the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium, Swift all but confirmed her rumored romance with the Chiefs player.
She attended their game against the Jets the following week at MetLife Stadium in New York, where she drew a lot of attention due to her presence.

Even though she now appears to be dating one of the biggest stars in the league, NFL fans made it clear that they are not big ‘Swifties’ fans.
Big screens at the same stadium displayed advertisements for her upcoming The Eras Tour movie during Monday Night Football the evening following her visit to MetLife.
The movie will be released in theaters later this month.

Swift’s performance was shown on the big screens to raucous jeers from spectators watching the New York Giants play the Seattle Seahawks. It was a sign that some NFL fans are getting sick of the Swift sideshow that has been a part of the league recently.

The NFL was forced to make a humiliating U-turn earlier in the day.
Following her performance at Sunday Night Football, Swift was mentioned on the league’s official social media accounts.

The Chiefs are 2-0 as Swifties, according to the bio on the NFL’s official Twitter /X page, which already had a header photo of Swift as its theme.
After receiving thousands of critical comments from NFL supporters, it was taken down less than 12 hours later.

When Kelce returns to the field, Swift is likely to become the target of some on-field trash-talking after developing into an unexpected storyline during the NFL season. Byron Murphy, Kelce’s upcoming adversary, has warned Kelce that he will try to provoke him during the Chiefs’ Week 5 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Murphy told ESPN, “Oh man, the social media is going crazy.”.
Moreover, I don’t hate it.

We currently reside in that world.
We’re locked in, but that would be something, is she going to this game?”.
Since I was a young child, I have been observing her.

Definitely, that would be cool. Not for him, because in front of her, we’re going to try to take possession of him.
To get him moving, I’m going to say something to him.


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