Deion Sanders on the possibility of a lifetime Colorado contract.

Deion Sanders on the possibility of a lifetime Colorado contract.

Deion Sanders on the possibility of a lifetime Colorado contract: “That can flip on you instantly.”.

As the Buffaloes have outperformed expectations with a 3-2 start, Deion Sanders transformed Boulder into the center of the sports universe in September, bringing Colorado an unheard-of financial windfall.

But that has also led to ongoing discussion about Sanders’ next stop.
What would Sanders think of a lifetime contract at Colorado or something to tie him down in Boulder?
What about the NFL?
A bigger college job?

“What an amazing act of kindness. I adore it.
At his weekly news conference on Tuesday, Sanders said, “But I’m smart enough to know and old enough and wise enough to know that that can flip on you in an instant.
“When you get hot, the fan only blows.
Mom said that.
Not me.
So if you guys want to be angry, be angry at my mom.

The 3-0 Buffaloes will visit 1-4 Arizona State on Saturday after dropping their last two games to top-10 foes Oregon and USC.
Under first-year head coach Kenny Dillingham, the Sun Devils have yet to defeat an FBS foe this season. Sanders claimed that he and Dillingham had previously spoken about coaching together, but he would not specify when or where.

Sanders, whose annual salary of $5.5 million places him 32nd nationally according to data compiled by USA Today, said he appreciated the support that would make a lifetime deal or a more limited extension appealing to Colorado fans, but he claimed to block out both criticism and support.

He said, “I’m going to have to listen to this if I listen to that.”.
“You cannot select this while rejecting that.

Travis Hunter, a two-way star who suffered a lacerated liver on September, is still out of commission. Sanders stated that he hoped to keep Hunter out of action until Colorado’s bye week and that he intended for a return against UCLA on October 16.
Sanders’ team lost on September 16 to Colorado State. 28.
He thought he could keep Hunter out long enough for him to heal, but noted that Hunter would be pressuring him to return sooner.


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