evaluating both sides’ extensions for Devin Vassell and the Spurs.

evaluating both sides’ extensions for Devin Vassell and the Spurs.

Devin Vassell’s five-year contract extension with the San Antonio Spurs was reached. How should the deal leave both parties feeling?

Early in July, first-round picks in the 2020 NBA Draft became qualified to sign rookie extensions.
The NBA has a yearly cycle of new contracts, and players entering their fourth and final season of their rookie contracts have the option to agree to an extension that will take effect in their fifth and subsequent seasons.

The top picks in the 2020 Draft immediately accepted new contracts. Anthony Edwards, who finished No. A $260 million extension was agreed to on July 3rd by the No. 1 in 2020 and member of the All-Star Team the previous year. LaMelo Ball, who made an All-Star Team in only his second season, agreed to the same maximum extension that Tyrese Haliburton signed, which was made public on July 1st.
Desmond Bane agreed to a maximum contract worth $207 million over five seasons without the “Rose Rule” incentives that could have raised the sum.

It’s odd that Devin Vassell, a highly effective guard from the 2020 Lottery, declined to accept a delay in the first week of July.
There was little word of a contract extension for Devin Vassell while the San Antonio Spurs selected French phenoms and used cap space to add future draft assets.

Devin Vassell approved of another extension.

This finally changed on Monday when it was reported that Vassell and the Spurs had reached a new five-year contract extension.
According to reports, the deal will have a guaranteed value of $135 million, with potential incentives raising the sum by an additional $11 million to a maximum of $146 million over five seasons.
Beginning in 2024–25, the agreement will take effect, keeping him under contract until the 2028–29 campaign.

Let’s evaluate this transaction for both parties to determine who should be the happiest following its conclusion. How did Vassell fare in the negotiations?
Was this a good deal for the Spurs?


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