Minnesota gears up for Taylor Swift mania against Chiefs this weekend

Minnesota gears up for Taylor Swift mania against Chiefs this weekend

Against the Chiefs this weekend, Minnesota is preparing for Taylor Swift mania.players for the Vikings are anxious to find out if she will attend her third straight game.

Swift has been to both of the Chiefs’ most recent games to support new beau Kelce.

The Vikings are going to beat her man up if she goes to Minnesota this weekend.

This weekend, the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift craze may well continue in Minnesota, but the Vikings have plans to burst their bubble.

Following her recent viewings of her new beau in action at Arrowhead and MetLife Stadium, Swift, who is presently dating Chiefs tight end Kelce, has dominated headlines.

Prior to traveling to New Jersey to watch Sunday’s 23-20 victory over the Jets, the pop sensation attended Kansas City’s 41-10 victory over the Bears at their home stadium.
She then joined her celebrity friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and others.

Swift’s relationship with Kelce has had a fast-moving beginning, and her appearance at MetLife last weekend attracted a record-breaking 29 million viewers at its peak on NBC.

Though it’s currently unknown if Swift will attend her third straight game, Minnesota will now host Kelce and company this Sunday.

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Regardless, Kelce and Vikings cornerback Murphy are planning to fight in front of his new girlfriend at US Bank Stadium, and the level of hysteria surrounding them has left Murphy speechless.

He commented on the league’s embrace of the Swift-Kelce saga by saying, “Oh man, the social media is going crazy.”.

Furthermore, I don’t hate it.
That is the environment in which we find ourselves.
Will she attend this game?

We’re imprisoned, but that would be something, I suppose.
She’s been on my watch since I was a young child.
Unquestionably, that would be cool.

Not for him, since we’ll try to grab hold of him in front of her.

In the early stages of the AFC West title race, the Chiefs are 3-1 and in control of their own destiny heading into Sunday’s game, while Minnesota is 1-3 after starting their season with three extremely close losses.

However, not everyone has been enjoying the Swift mania in the NFL, with some ardent football fans criticizing NBC for their constant coverage of the singer during Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and the Jets.

Many people shared their opinions on social media, with one writing: “Please don’t play a Taylor Swift on your TV drinking game.”.
If you aren’t in the hospital already, you soon will be.
‘ .

Along with her celebrity friends Blake Lively (second from right), Swift witnessed the Chiefs’ victory over the Jets on Sunday.

Although a lot of the anticipation was focused on the possibility of Swift attending the game, the moment Taylor and her celebrity friends were shown in their suite after the Chiefs’ first touchdown caused the most outrage.

Some fans were incensed because Isiah Pacheco, not Kelce, had scored the points; they felt they should have instead shown the players celebrating on the field.

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, also charged the NFL with “simping” over Swift during the contest.


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