Verstappen divulges his formula for success.

Verstappen divulges his formula for success.

Max Verstappen has acknowledged that his laid-back attitude is what enables him to perform at his peak in Formula 1 racing.

On his way to winning his third Drivers’ World Championship, the Dutchman established himself as one of the most successful drivers in the competition.

Verstappen admits that it is difficult to achieve his record of 10 consecutive victories, despite the fact that it may seem that way in the RB19 due to its overwhelming dominance.

“You have to be very consistent over the course of a season, and you basically cannot take off days or weekends.
He stated on the Red Bull Mind Set Win podcast that “you have to be all that, all the time.

“Achieving that is not always simple.
Weekends can occasionally start out more difficult for you, but it all depends on how you attempt to get yourself out of a difficult situation.

Verstappen: There are a lot of people out there who operate in unique ways.

Although drivers frequently talk about having a mental advantage over rivals, Verstappen says that the key is to remain composed in a potentially stressful situation.

I’m the type of person who was like, “Well, let’s see what happens,” and then after a week or two, I’m not really concerned about it, he said.

“I just want to enjoy this moment right now, and when two weeks from now, I’ll worry about it.

“Since everyone functions differently, it is not true that what works for me will also work for someone else.

There are a lot of people out there who work very differently, and that’s part of the sport’s beauty as well as the beauty of life in general, right?
However, they can ultimately accomplish very similar things.


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