Red Bull’s Perez decision stunned the former F1 driver.

Red Bull’s Perez decision stunned the former F1 driver.

Former Formula 1 driver Christijan Albers expressed his surprise that Sergio Perez has been able to keep his Red Bull seat despite the team’s brutal history.

Perez’s deal is set to expire at the conclusion of the 2024 campaign, but there has been rumor that he will be replaced because of a string of unimpressive drives.

Due to two consecutively poor finishes—a P8 in Singapore and a retirement in Japan—the Mexican has been in the spotlight.
The injury was made worse by expensive penalties on both weekends.

Albers has expressed his surprise at Perez’s ability to hold onto his position, particularly in light of the fact that Nyck de Vries was quickly replaced earlier this season.

Albers said in the Telegraaf podcast that “even though he can look at Max’s data, he is unable to improve and close the gap.”.

“In actuality, the gap is only widening.
They will eventually realize that they cannot continue to defend this.
Somewhere has to be the conclusion of the tale.

“I actually find it astonishing that they still have Perez, given how destructive Horner and Marko were to De Vries.

Red Bull is brutal.

After a strong showing at Monza in 2022, De Vries was hired to partner Yuki Tsunoda at AlphaTauri at the start of the 2023 season.

After only 10 races, Daniel Ricciardo quickly took the place of the Dutch driver, who had fallen short of expectations.

Red Bull has replaced a driver in the middle of the season before. Notably, Max Verstappen took over for Daniil Kvyat in 2016 and Pierre Gasly for Alex Albon in 2019.

Red Bull team president Christian Horner has stated his intention to keep Perez on staff until the end of his contract, despite rumors that he might be replaced within the organization.

He has however also stated that when his contract does finally expire in 2024, the team is open to other options.

The best two drivers that are currently available are what Red Bull Racing wants, according to Horner.
“Max [Verstappen] and I have a long-term contract.
Since Checo [Perez]’s contract expires at the end of ’24, you should investigate and consider all of your options.

“Checo is in the hot seat right now and will be eager to extend.
Daniel’s performance, Yuki’s performance, and Liam’s potential in the test and reserve roles will all be watched.

Perez’s second-place finish in the drivers’ championship is currently in jeopardy as Lewis Hamilton is slowly catching up to him.

The Qatar Grand Prix this weekend will continue to draw attention to Perez, especially with his teammate Verstappen in position to win his third straight drivers’ championship.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Perez can improve his performance or if he’ll end up like many other Red Bull drivers in the past.


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