Swans captain breaks silence on ‘bad mistake’

Swans captain breaks silence on ‘bad mistake’

After suffering a serious Mad Monday injury, Callum Mills apologizes, “Gutted.”.

Callum Mills, the co-captain of Sydney, expressed regret to the team and its supporters for hurting his shoulder during Mad Monday celebrations and said he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to play again or if he’d lose his position as captain.

While Mills is unsure of his recovery’s precise timetable, he told Swansea fans that his start to the 2024 season was “at risk” and that he was doing everything in his power to get back to full health as soon as possible.

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The 26-year-old, who was in front of the cameras on Wednesday with his left arm in a sling, did not discuss the incident in detail but acknowledged that he had injured his rotator cuff, necessitating surgery last week.

He claimed he had not spoken to the Swans about the status of his captaincy but insisted that he valued his position as a leader and did not take it for granted.

At the beginning of the 2022 season, Mills replaced veteran Josh Kennedy as one-third of the Sydney captaincy.
However, his shoulder injury is the second significant off-field setback of his career and will lead to club scrutiny of his role.

He broke his foot after tripping in a gutter while playing gridiron with teammates on a Sydney street in 2018, which prevented him from participating in the remaining 13 games of the season.

I’m gutted that this might jeopardize the start of my season, but I do want to reassure everyone that I’m making every effort to return as soon as possible, said Mills.

And for Swans fans, I want to be very clear that this won’t stop me or my teammates from striving for success in 2024.

Despite claiming “full responsibility” for the outcome, Mills stated that the specifics of the Mad Monday incident “weren’t necessarily important.”.

What matters is that I’m here today, that I put my hand up and accept responsibility for my actions, he said.

“Without diminishing the severity of the injury, it happened on that day (Mad Monday), and as I said, I erred.

“There’s a window that we’ve been given (for recovery); the likelihood is that it may impact the start of the season, but there’s still a lot of water to go under the bridge, and we’ll go on surgeon and specialist advice.

Days after the incident, when Mills learned the full extent of the injury, he had an “extremely hard” conversation with coach John Longmire.

As soon as the results were known, Mills said, “I went into Horse’s office and told him exactly what had happened, and as you can imagine, he was extremely disappointed, as am I in myself.

It was very challenging, but doing so showed Horse my respect by allowing me to fully accept responsibility and own my actions.

“It was a fairly innocent accident; for the next few days, I had no idea what I had done or how bad it was.
It was a bad mistake, and it’s very frustrating and I’m gutted that this is the outcome.

Callum Mills apologizes after suffering a serious Mad Monday injury in the original publication, “Gutted.”.


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