Deion Sanders’ harsh message for the Colorado Buffaloes after win vs Arizona State

Deion Sanders’ harsh message for the Colorado Buffaloes after win vs Arizona State

After winning against Arizona State, Deion Sanders had a stern message for the Colorado Buffaloes: “We played like hot garbage.”.

He was not at all pleased with how his team performed.

College FootballShedeur Sanders drives Colorado past Arizona State to snap two losing streaks.

College FootballWith this gesture that is trending, Shedeur Sanders makes fun of Arizona State.

Despite the fact that his team managed to defeat the Arizona State Sun Devils on the road on Saturday, Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Saunders has criticized his players.

In a game that was closely contested, the Buffaloes defeated Arizona State 27–24, and quarterback Shedeur Sanders’ performance and post-game celebrations made headlines.

Against Arizona State, Shedeur Sanders made a watch gesture.

A victory is a victory, but Sanders expects a lot more from his team the next time they play.
The criticism appears to be directed at everyone on the team, even though Deion is Shedeur’s father.

We performed poorly, according to Deion.

“We need to resolve this.
I’m over it.

“We are superior to that.
Indeed, we are superior to that.

Shedeur Sanders received five dismissals.

Shedeur was specifically mentioned by his father after a reporter brought up the number of sacks Arizona had in the game; Shedeur had been sacked five times for a total of 48 yards.

You believe he enjoys being the most-sacked guy, Deion questioned.

“I’m tired of the penalties and these holes that we keep showing.

“On every play, all 11 players must act morally.
There cannot be 10 players and one absent.

Deions Sanders: I’m tired of it. I reject mediocrity.

“I just think that as players, we need to band together and stop the bad behavior with the slow starts.

You were aware that we were a second half team when the game was close.

You already knew that; we just can’t continue doing it.

“Good teams will arrive, and things will catch up.


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