Insane stat details how poorly Cleveland Browns offensive line is playing in 2023

Insane stat details how poorly Cleveland Browns offensive line is playing in 2023

The Cleveland Browns offensive line is performing horribly in 2023, as shown by an insane statistic.

The Cleveland Browns’ rushing attack has suffered without Nick Chubb, but a large portion of the blame is placed on their once-feared offensive line.

It’s simple to say that the Cleveland Browns’ running backs aren’t performing when Nick Chubb isn’t present.
As usual, Chubb had a great start to the season, rushing for 170 yards on 28 attempts in the first two games.
That equals an average of 61 yards per try.

Jerome Ford has taken the lead since he was injured, gaining 186 yards on 50 carries for an average of 3 points and 7 yards.
Prince Strong Jr. has 77 yards on 13 attempts, but a 40-yard run was where he did the majority of his damage. Kareem Hunt is another, and since returning to the team, he has only gained 25 yards on 10 carries.

All of this gives the impression that the running backs are having trouble, but the offensive line is largely to blame.

The Browns running backs are being hit at the line of scrimmage on 48.5 percent of their attempts, according to information provided by Malachy Gardner on
The running backs are at a severe disadvantage as a result of this.
They’ve actually compensated for a lot of the O-line’s shortcomings despite their difficulties by breaking the tackle 21.8% of the time.

In addition, they frequently have to change from their intended running lane—80% of the time—and rank second in the NFL in the percentage of yards gained after contact.

Even without the coaches’ assistance, these statistics would be sufficient to seriously hinder a team’s offensive performance.
They still run behind Jedrick Wills on almost half of their plays, despite him being the weak link.

“Wills is without a doubt the team’s weak link, not just the offensive line. The Browns have chosen to run the ball behind him a startling 46 percent of the time, which is the third-highest rate among all NFL offensive linemen, despite the fact that he creates the fewest yards before contact (0.16 yards) per rushing attempt among all starting offensive linemen in the NFL.

In addition to being one of the league’s worst pass blockers, Cleveland’s starting left tackle has allowed more than a third of the team’s pressures this season.

When Bill Callahan was the O-line coach, this line was once hailed as elite, and he was frequently praised for his ability to perform miracles. However, those times are now firmly in the past, and if this offense is to begin to find its rhythm, this unit will need to quickly advance.


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