Mercedes told to “intervene now” after Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s Qatar GP clash

Mercedes told to “intervene now” after Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s Qatar GP clash

In an attempt to overtake George Russell at the first corner, Lewis Hamilton collided with him and was ejected from the Qatar Grand Prix on the opening lap.

After teammate George Russell and Lewis Hamilton fought at the Qatar Grand Prix, Ralf Schumacher pleaded with Mercedes to “intervene now.”.

In an effort to work as a team to catch the Red Bull, the Brits positioned themselves behind pole-sitter Max Verstappen on the grid.
They made contact at the first corner, however, and that strategy was quickly destroyed.

When Hamilton buried himself in the gravel after losing a wheel, the race was over.
Russell was able to continue, but after stopping for a replacement front wing, he fell to the back of the pack.
He was still able to make an impressive comeback to finish in fourth place.

Six-time F1 race winner Schumacher provided an analysis of the incident for Sky Germany, stating: “Lewis gives in too early, simply doesn’t give George enough space.
Despite being powerful, the Mercedes threw away its advantages.

The 48-year-old continued by speculating that the incident might be a sign of a more serious problem between the Brits.
The two still need to work on their relationship, he continued.
The team needs to step in at this point, but you can deal with each other in any case.

Nico Rosberg, Hamilton’s former teammate, questioned whether the collision needed to be investigated during an interview with Sky’s English-language coverage.
There isn’t much to talk about because it’s so one-sided, he said.

Because of his soft tires, Lewis tried it outside. He had a lot of grip and was very quick.
However, he made a mistake later and pulled in a little too early.
Though the error was small, its effects were significant.
Evidently, such a thing shouldn’t take place.

Although Hamilton initially appeared to blame Russell in his first radio message following the altercation, Hamilton quickly admitted responsibility.
He said, “I’m really sorry to my team.”.
“There was a chance to score some excellent points.
I wasn’t really sure what had happened because I was in such a rush.

“I could definitely feel the tap from behind, but I don’t believe George had anywhere to run.
It’s just one of those awful things that happens.
To accept accountability, I’m delighted.
Everyone puts in a lot of effort, so it’s devastating to get a result like this.

And video posted on social media by the Mercedes team of the two drivers’ post-race embrace was also captured. In the video, Hamilton walks up to Russell and apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry about today, it wasn’t your fault.
Outstanding work.
Before Russell concludes with a thumbs up, they embrace and give each other a few pats on the shoulders.

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