CU Buffs still striving to hit Coach Prime’s lofty standards

CU Buffs still striving to hit Coach Prime’s lofty standards

Coach Prime’s high expectations are something that the CU Buffs are still working to meet.

Deion Sanders, the head football coach for Colorado, didn’t display the rage and disappointment he felt after his team’s 27-24 victory over Arizona State on Saturday when he stood in front of the media on Tuesday.

After the game last week, Sanders stated, “I’ve calmed down.”.

However, there is no denying that Sanders’ Saturday message is still valid.
The Buffs did indeed prevail, but it wasn’t enough.
As the Buffs (4-2, 1-2 Pac-12) get ready to take on Stanford (1-4, 0-3) at Folsom Field on Friday at 8 p.m., some players or position groups aren’t good enough right now.
, ESPN).

I don’t have to call them out, Sanders said.
‘They are aware of this. I mean, I do it during our meetings.
Before you guys, I can’t do that.

The early stages of CU games have seen the offense sputter for a few weeks.
One of the worst in the Pac-12 statistically is the defense.
Additionally, the special teams haven’t proven to be exceptional enough.

Although the execution hasn’t been perfect, he is confident that his message is getting across.

They are focusing on me.
I caught the attention of every single person in that locker room, even the coaches,” he said.
“This is real; I’m not playing some kind of mental game. I therefore say what I say and mean what I say. I neither stammer nor stumble.
I’m clear about it.
They are aware of who I am speaking to.

The Buffs might not have been as locked in as necessary last week in Tempe, according to kicker Alejandro Mata, who made a game-winning 43-yard field goal on Saturday and was named Pac-12 special teams player of the week.

It’s different this week for sure, he said, adding that “we definitely got a little more confident on the part of things and we didn’t expect them to fight back.”.

The Buffs, according to Mata, have a different outlook this week and aren’t concerned with who is on the opposing sideline.

What kind of team you have doesn’t matter to us, Mata said.
You should prepare the same way and have the same dominant mindset whether you are playing the top team in the league or the bottom team.

Though the Buffs haven’t consistently dominated, the message has been there each week.

Sanders said, “There are high expectations for me in every game, and I’m not going to lower my standard.”.
“Me and my standards are the same.
the manner in which we train, prepare, and perform.
My standards are my standards.
My standards are high. I’m here for that reason.

The Buffs are in a strong position at the halfway point of the season, despite the fact that they haven’t consistently met that bar.
They need two wins to be eligible for a bowl game at 4-2.
For a CU program that had only participated in two bowl games over the previous 15 seasons, that is a significant achievement.

Sanders, however, doesn’t think it’s that significant.

He declared, “We want to win.
Currently, I could care less about any bowl.
We aim to triumph.
I’m all in favor of it if it comes as part of the package when the winning season is over. Thank God, we had the opportunity to attend four straight bowl games while I was a student (at Florida State), which was an amazing gift.
It was fun for my teammates and me. They had fantastic packages, including bags packed with equipment and other surprises for you.
It was also a lot of fun.

But a bowl is one of my least worries right now.


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