It appears as though the Vikings are giving up and are prepared to trade Kirk Cousins.

It appears as though the Vikings are giving up and are prepared to trade Kirk Cousins.

With a record of 1-4, Minnesota is attempting to make a deal to try to save as much of its season as it can.

The Minnesota Vikings have a 1-4 record and appear to be giving up after a Week 5 loss to the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.
The Vikings have reportedly become “more open” to trading Kirk Cousins, according to news reports from Monday.
When the Minnesota Vikings placed All-Pro wide receiver Justin Jefferson on injured reserve on Tuesday, more news from the state of Minnesota provided more insight into a potential Cousins trade. This indicates that Mr. For at least the upcoming four weeks, Griddy will be absent.

As a result, the Vikings are probably looking to enter the Caleb Williams tank.
It’s all falling apart in Minneapolis a year after the team won 13 games and topped the NFC North.
It’s absurd to think that they would deal a quarterback as successful as Cousins at this point.

separate seasons.

With 13, Cousins is second in the NFL in terms of yards and yards per game.
He also leads the league in touchdown passes. But this year, those stats he’s putting up haven’t contributed to the win column nearly enough.
There is also the matter of his contract, which runs through the end of this campaign.
The no-trade clause in Cousins’ contract could make any potential trade more difficult.
In conclusion, it appears that Minnesota will no longer give Cousins fully guaranteed contracts.

Following the season-ending injury to Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets allegedly contacted Minnesota regarding Cousins.
During that time, they were rejected.
It might be a different story if they start talking once more.
With that defense and a record of 2-3 in the competitive AFC, acquiring a quarterback like Cousins through trade could help them turn things around. Cousins would undoubtedly concur, but given that the Vikings are ineffective, a trip to New York City might be a welcome change of pace.

The Vikings still have time to trade for Cousins before the NFL trade deadline in three weeks, but they’ll need to act quickly. Minnesota might not get everything they wanted back, but if they want a better chance at Williams, they should finish this trade as soon as possible.

They might still need to trade up higher in the first round even then, so there is no guarantee even then.
The Kirk Cousins era with the Minnesota Vikings feels like it’ll end soon, regardless of the team’s chances of signing the USC prospect and Heisman winner.


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