Deion Sanders’ Hilarious Admission About Colorado Football Being Doubted: “Kind Of Turns Me On.”.

Deion Sanders’ Hilarious Admission About Colorado Football Being Doubted: “Kind Of Turns Me On.”.

Although the football team from Colorado has already surpassed its win goal for 2022, there are still plenty of skeptics in the nation. Just ask head coach Deion Sanders, who is well aware that many people do not support this initiative.

To be brutally honest, nobody anticipated the Buffaloes to enter Week 7 with a 4-2 record. However, Primetime is unconcerned by all the Colorado talk. In fact, it makes him hot. Yes, you did read that right.

That was also done in Vegas, right?” Deion Sanders asked. “I enjoy when they place a wager against me. I kind of get excited about that. “.

There’s no denying what Sanders has managed to accomplish in his brief time in Boulder, despite the doubters. Colorado only managed to win one game all of last season.
He made a lot of good additions to the roster, revamped the lineup, and made the program well known.
It’s not every day that celebrities from all walks of life attend a college football game, to be sure.

After losing to Oregon and USC back-to-back, the Buffaloes turned things around in Week 6 with a come-from-behind victory over Arizona State. Deion Sanders called his team’s play in Tempe “hot garbage,” making it clear that he wasn’t pleased with how they had performed.
He even stated that the team as a whole needs to step up and stop depending on QB Shedeur Sanders to save the day:.

Deion Sanders confessed, “I wasn’t happy.
“You know I’m not acting.
We’re superior to that.
We are better than what we demonstrated, and this week, ideally, we will demonstrate that we are much better than that.
The way we handled it should have prevented that game from reaching that conclusion. We can’t rely on Shedeur [Sanders] to don his cape and become Superman every single week and bring us back.
That needs to stop.


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