Jordan Domineck advice Colorado buffaloes on relying on second-half comebacks.

Jordan Domineck advice Colorado buffaloes on relying on second-half comebacks.

Colorado needs to stop relying on second-half comebacks, according to Jordan Domineck.

Nobody anticipated the Colorado Buffaloes to have four wins halfway through the college football regular season. Deion Sanders and his team have accomplished a remarkable feat, but they are dissatisfied with how those victories have been undermined.

The Arizona State victory was no different.
Alejandro Mata kicked a 43-yard game-winning field goal from 43 yards out as Colorado kept the game close and needed a late spark from Shedeur Sanders. Coach Prime referred to his team’s victory as “Hot Garbage” after the game because he had expected more from them.

Jordan Domineck of Colorado was questioned by Nick Ferguson on BuffsBeat Weekly about whether or not he felt more confident now that he knew the team could win.

That doesn’t inspire confidence in me, personally, Domineck said.
The guiding principle behind our current approach is, “If I can do it in the second half, why can’t we do it in the first half?”. Yes, we are a second half team, and many people believe that this gives us a chance to make a comeback. We accept it more so because we are a one-half team due to our extreme badness.

In their last matchup with USC, Colorado came close to pulling off a miraculous comeback. Shedeur Sanders’ hot streak and subsequent distribution of the ball all over the field made things more interesting.
Although they were down 20 points at the break, it didn’t work in their favor.

Domineck stated, “We know what we are capable of, and we demonstrate that in the second half.
“Why can’t we begin quickly in the first half?”.

This week in practice, the Buffs have made it a point of emphasis. Colorado entered Arizona State with the intention of starting strong but failed to do so.
They will now make another attempt at Stanford at home.
This game has all the ingredients for a complete Buffs victory.
Watch to see if Coach Prime can lead his squad for four full quarters.


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