Following the latest Travis Kelce incident, NFL fans are over Taylor Swift.

Following the latest Travis Kelce incident, NFL fans are over Taylor Swift.

Fans are becoming irritated by the attention the NFL and broadcasters are giving to Taylor Swift after she attended a Kansas City Chiefs game for the third time in the 2023 NFL season.

NFL fans were incensed by Taylor Swift’s constant presence in the audience during Thursday Night Football’s Kansas City Chiefs victory over the Denver Broncos.

This season, Swift has made several appearances at Chiefs games.
She also made a second trip to Arrowhead Stadium to support Travis Kelce’s parents, Donna and Ed, who are rumored to be her boyfriend.
As Kansas City defeated their AFC West rivals 19-8, the tight end hauled in nine receptions for 124 yards.

The mere existence of the pop star has sparked a viral frenzy on social media and elsewhere, and the NFL has obviously sought to capitalize on this.
Swift was heavily featured on the broadcast of the Chiefs’ game against the New York Jets on “Monday Night Football” earlier this month, which sparked criticism.

Swift’s coverage would be limited, according to legendary play-by-play announcer Al Michaels, before Thursday night’s game that opened Week 6.
Although Michaels was praised for his obvious reluctance to mention Swift, Prime cameras continued to cut to her frequently throughout the game, which was unfortunate for NFL fans.

The amount of airtime Swift received during a divisional match eventually left fans disappointed.
Swift was pictured rejoicing by giving wife of Patrick Mahomes, Brittany, a bear hug after Kelce made an incredible catch off a deep pass from Mahomes in the second quarter.

The Prime broadcast even featured a cartoon image of Kelce, Mahomes, and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid standing next to Swift as the Chiefs led 13-0 at halftime.
Many NFL fans on social media found this to be the tipping point.

It’s literally overkill, wrote user @AMAJOR823 on X, “Y’all gotta hop off of this.”.
“Even the couple concurs.

@DubsBetterrrr later added: “I assure you, we don’t give a damn.

“ENOUGH WITH THIS TAYLOR SWIFT BULLS***!!! TNFonPrime,” one user yelled in rage, while another made light of the situation by saying, “Can’t wait to tune into the Taylor Swift watch.
But the interruptions during the football game are annoying.

After suffering an ankle injury, Kelce played a key role for the Chiefs against the Broncos.
Swift arrived at Arrowhead sporting a Kansas City jacket, and when he grabbed another pass for a big gain, he was seen cheering in the box.


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