Formula One driver “near Max Verstappen” enters the race for Sergio Perez’s Red Bull seat.

Formula One driver “near Max Verstappen” enters the race for Sergio Perez’s Red Bull seat.

Although Sergio Perez still has a year left on his current Red Bull contract, the team is expected to look at replacements when Perez’s current deal expires due to his recent poor play.

Yuki Tsunoda stated that he wants to race with Max Verstappen at Red Bull because he doesn’t think there is a “big difference” between the two of them.

The Dutchman is a three-time world champion in Formula 1.
Right now, Sergio Perez is a partner.
Although the Mexican is second in the standings, he is more than 200 points behind his teammate, who won the 2023 championship at the Qatar Grand Prix last weekend.

Red Bull has already announced that it will be evaluating its driver options as Perez’s position is under pressure. Tsunoda is obviously putting himself in a strong position to be able to make a case, as he is already signed with sister team AlphaTauri.

A new contract keeping the Japanese racer with the team and in the sport for a fourth season was given to him last month.
Additionally, he hopes to be able to persuade Red Bull executives that, in the event that Perez is replaced, he might be the best candidate for the position.

He told reporters, “I would like to drive in the same car because I don’t know [how he compares to Verstappen],” implying that he thought he could compete with the triple champion in the same vehicle.
It’s difficult, of course—he’s talented.
However, we don’t always drive together, and the car is obviously different.
Therefore, identifying the primary difference is difficult.

“As far as driving and performance in dry conditions or qualifying go, I wouldn’t say that we’ve changed much thus far.
Undoubtedly, Verstappen’s consistency is superior. ****.

So far this year, the Dutchman has won 14 of the 17 Grands Prix.
Teammate Perez has crumbled under duress, but Verstappen has virtually always been able to extract the maximum amount of power from his Red Bull, completely outperforming the opposition.

Though he may have the slowest car overall on the grid, Tsunoda acknowledges he still has a ways to go before he is performing at a comparable level.
Nevertheless, he has made some progress this season.
He had a particularly strong start to the year, demonstrating his consistency by placing 10th or 11th in each of the first five races.

Proving he can do it for the entire season is the current challenge.
The 23-year-old knows he can pick up a lot of knowledge from Verstappen in order to achieve that.
“The thing that strikes me as most impressive is how consistently he adjusts to every situation,” he continued.

The weather varied greatly, for instance, from partly to completely wet in the Netherlands.
Additionally, he’s always pushing the envelope; in my opinion, he can always drive quickly and with excellent control.
Those things, in my opinion, are what separate me and what I need to improve on in order to get the Red Bull.


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